Harsh and Payal Sarkar pair up for Ladies Special..

Sony's upcoming show Ladies Special will have Harsh Chaya and Payal Sarkar playing a couple...

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We had earlier reported that Sony's upcoming show Ladies Special, produced by Optimistyx will have big names like Neena Gupta, Shilpa Tulaskar, Ashita Dhawan, Sandeep Kulkarni and Harsh Chaya in it.

The story is about four women of different age groups who interact with one another in the Ladies compartment of a particular train on a daily basis.

According to our source, "Payal Sarkar and Harsh Chaya will be paired together in the show. The duo will have an age difference of more than 15 years, and their story line will focus on the mindsets of both whom think differently, and are yet living together".

"This will be a prime time show which will be aired somewhere between 8.30 PM and 10.30 PM. The time slot has not been finalized yet", concludes our source.

The four ladies on which the story will be based are Neena Gupta, Shilpa Tulaskar, Ashita Dhawan and Payal Sarkar.

We tried talking to Sanjiv Sharma of Optimistyx, but he just said, "I don't think the channel would like me to talk about it. So wait for the official announcement".

Let's see what this Ladies Special has to offer the viewers…

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Comments (14)

Gud break for KOLKATA girl , Payal Sarkar.


14 years ago

i will watch this show only for ashitha shilpa and payal................ they are just brilliant

14 years ago

she is now also gauri in shakuntala
shes cute

14 years ago

hhmm interesting. i liked payal sarkar in LOVE STORY.

14 years ago

I wish Zee would bring back Kitty Party, it was an awesome show! Good shows were once made before Balaji corrupted indian televsion

14 years ago

shes coming on lats of shows lately!! wish both of them all the best

14 years ago

Erm it will be weird seeing them as a couple looking forward to this show though. Thank you.

14 years ago

thats soo weird, he was her father in law in ''love story'' :/

14 years ago

the star cast are quiet good for the show

14 years ago

i this couples story would be about how big age gap couples cope togeather. there are some serials dealoing with the saem issue i.e. bandini, kasam se.

14 years ago

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