#HappyAnniversaryDiVek: Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya REVEAL some secrets about each other!

Hear it from the horse's mouth.


On July 7, 2017, Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya will complete one month of togetherness, and, it sure is a special occasion for the duo, isn't it? On this note, we got into a conversation with the lovely duo, trying to get some secrets out from them!

Here's all that they said -

One change MARRIAGE has brought about in you!

Divyanka: I've become more sensitive. I have always been very practical, but now I have this drive towards my family, where I wish to do things according to my family. So that's another feminine mode. Thankfully that's coming in now, because earlier I never thought anything apart from work.
Vivek: I have become more sensible. And, I've stopped coming in late now. Late as in when I'd be out, there was no time constraint but now there is, because I know someone is waiting for me back at home.

One SECRET that no one knows about you, which you learnt about after marriage!

Divyanka: (laughs) He did not know before marriage about how tooti-phooti the girl is. 
Vivek: She came to know about how irritated I get when I am put on hold. I have worked in a call center and so I know what they do when they put someone on hold.

Who's the more ROMANTIC one between the two of you?

Divyanka: It has got to be Vivek. I'd love to be romantic though.
Vivek: Me, obviously. (talking to Divyanka) You have to say this. Also, I'd like to give her a benefit of doubt that she does not have time. But, she has the potential too.

Who's the short TEMPERED one?

Divyanka: (keeps laughing)
Vivek: Me? Okay yes me, I am the short-tempered one.

Who MAKES up first after a fight?

Divyanka: Both.
Vivek: Yes, it is us both.

One CHANGE you'd want to see in each other?

Divyanka: There are a couple of things, small ones though, but I don't want to tell them publicly, they are personal. But, we both know what I am talking about.
Vivek: Yes, same. 

Given your tight SCHEDULES, how do you manage to make the most of your together time?

Divyanka: There is no hard and fast rule. We manage. If he is busy, or if I am busy, we don't force things upon each other. We keep our coordination and communication right. We stay in touch. So yes, the answer is communication.
Vivek: It's like when there is no time, there is no time. And, when we are supposed to do it, we do it. It shouldn't be forced. We don't have any insecurities, as we know that at the end of the day we have to come to each other.

The one thing you LOVE doing together?

Divyanka: I love watching movies with him. Many times, while we are watching TV, we end up talking than watching. We don't get time to talk only so yes that's one of it too.
Vivek: Yeah, watching movies and eating, actually everything.

Do you guys DISCUSS work when together?

Divyanka: No, we don't. Not much. We have so much to talk about other things that we don't talk about work. We did talk about Nach Baliye 8 because we dipped in Nach Baliye. There have been days during that time when we used to make a promise that we won't sleep talking about Nach.
Vivek: Very occasionally, like hardly there are times when we do. Last time we discussed work was when I was doing Kavach because that was a different genre altogether and I wanted her to know and get her opinion on things. All of this happened back then, not anymore.

What kind of ROLES would you like each other to play?

Divyanka: He's actually done it already. An obsessive lover as it was in Veera (Star Plus). I want to see him in an extreme character, where he is obsessive but in a positive way.
Vivek: I've told her actually. I'd like to see her play a role in someone's biopic, where she has to be a character and adapt to it.

Lastly, your message to the fans?

Divyanka: Well, you are very special. Thank you so much everyone. For whoever wishes to wish us on the occasion of our anniversary, thank you. And of course, thanks to India-forums for helping us reach our fans.
Vivek: Yes, thank you everyone for all the love.

Divyanka and Vivek, we wish you all the best and a happy vacation to Europe!


Divyanka Tripathi Vivek Dahiya

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harshiidiv 3 years ago Very nice interview..
DivEk rock's..
Dii & jiju love u sooo much.. Muhaaa..
I hope u both get all happiness in your life..

Happy Anniversary both of u..2017-07-08 22:48:29
Divyaanita 3 years ago happy annivery of 1 year divyanka tripathi
sun2011 3 years ago I am tired of Divek news article everyday for 4 months - is this all the work Vivek does - give interviews and plan vacations to spend Divyanka' shard earned money. No wonder his parents are happy to have him out of their hands.
shreepatil. 3 years ago Happy anniversary divyanka and vivek.
love u a lot divek.
God bless u Both.
Barunsfan123 3 years ago Happy Anniversary Divyanka and Vivek..

IF plz check out.. they completed one year by july7 2017 not one month..
Addictedlove 3 years ago Happy Anniversary Divek..
Stay blessed..
BreezyBoo 3 years ago I dont care if that affection is true or fake but few Monaya fans commenting here about 'work' really pisses me off. Mohit off late has been jobless(just incase you forget Qubool Hai was given to him by Gul but you people cant be loyal to her either) Yes DiVek do PDA so do Monaya right? Just because they won (votes, yeah) doesn't mean you pass out insensitive remarks about their life. Sanaya herself had big portion of contribution in this hatred (video) so what makes you preach DiVek? Stop being hypocritical. Its their life, yeah.

Happy Anniversary to them.2017-07-07 07:31:27
beingaditij 3 years ago Ek raaz tumhare dil mein hai ek raaz humare dil mein hai aur wo raaz tumhe kahika nahi chodega ROFL

IF literally wanted this
khushboo_kzk 3 years ago Happy anniversary divyanka and vivek. God bless u.
Akhinaravi 3 years ago "If he is busy"...funny vivek aisa khonsa kaam karte hai joh busy rehta hai...Ghar baitar biwi ki paise ka maza udana ...she should accept that her husband is jobless...hamesha kehte hai ki vivek busy hai par kaam dhikta hi nahiii
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