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Happy Hardy and Heer Review: Confused Heer has to Tolerate Himesh Reshammiya’s Doppelganger As Well!

Let's just Make sure you do not lose your ‘Presence of Mind’ before buying a ticket (1.5/5)...


Happy, Hardy and Heer narrates the story of a young girl who is fond of her best friend but still she manages to reject her feelings for him and accept his double role as her boyfriend. 

The film introduces itself with the most cringiest lines right from its introduction and with Himesh Reshammiya offering the background of the film through his voice over the musical love story will offer some serious emotional ride for you. In the very first dialogue of the film Reshmiya acknowledges the film as, “Aaj Mai aapko happy Hardy and Heer ki Dil dehla dene wali Kahani sunaonga par kabhi Dil dehlane wali kahaniya Dil cheer bhi deti hai!”

Let us not judge the film with its trailer, but let us face the fact that this film lacks on the technical and visual front. 

The film has been a serious victim of chaos as director Raka couldn’t try to help the film sustain the right pace as the repetitive scenes try to drive your focus from the loosely crafted script. As the narrator tries to explain the chemistry between happy and heer, initially their friendly relationship seems to be a utopian state. 

But, the film gets far more complicated and cringe-worthy with the entrance of Hardy. For some reason, using the doppelganger theory the film tries to portray Hardy as the complete mirror image of Happy and the background score gets cacophonous. The words of that background score literally say, ‘Kaise huva yeh double role’. The lyrics of background score with Hardy's entry which is all sorts of a cliche as it does not justify the true emotions of the characters. 

The immature characters and their love story goes haywire as the repetitiveness to add realism has been a massive failure. While we realize the fact that the film is technically disabled, we also need to acknowledge the fact that Himesh is only good for singing and probably he should really have a second opinion about his career as an actor (owing to this film).  

In conclusion, the film is just another average that narrates the done and dusted storylines on Bollywood. If they really wanted to focus on counting success the makers could have put in more effort which could justify the characters and plot the film with a different angle. 

(Ratings: 1.5/5)

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Himesh Reshammiya Happy Hardy and Heer 

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