Happy ending in Radha Ki Betiyaan...

Radha Ki Batiyaan on NDTV Imagine will see the union of Shekar and Rohini as it wraps up this week..

DJ's Creations Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuchh Kar Dikhayengi is all set to end this week, and so is Rajshri Productions' Main Teri Parchhain Hoon.

However, there is a reason for Radha Ki… fans to smile as the show will have a happy ending with the love birds getting united.

According to our source, "Raunak played by Mona Singh who has entered Shekar's life again will divorce him and move on. This will pave the way for union of Shekar (Apurva Agnihotri) and Rohini (Mona Singh)".

Well, a happy ending indeed!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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radhaa was a good show, unlike most other shows and was given a realistic look too...characters looked like real people...i liked ragini the best...

15 years ago

another happy ending..
y all the shows going off air???

15 years ago

ohk finally good and happy ending to the shows

thanks for sharing

15 years ago

A fine exmple of a wonderful show being butchered. This show started of diffly, and had so much promise....

But they lost focus in the middle and the story just meandered.

I''m not sorry it''s ending; i''m just sorry they killed a what could have been a fine serial.

It could have been such a good show unlike the usual saas-bahu sagas ........

15 years ago

I thought this show is about radhaa ki betiyaan...ruchi,rohini and ragni.
But i don''t understand how raunak(mona singh).. shekhar(apurva) and rohini(mona vasu) become the lead.
This show is ending with so many unanswered questions like..sudden disapeared characters like sanaya, anirudh(ruchi''s friend), that photographer and reviti...etc

15 years ago

It''s a pity shows that do not garner high trps are chopped off. No one seems to care that may be not everyone wants to see saas bahu sagas with overdressed, overmade women, back stabbing each other.

15 years ago

Compared to most shows on RKB had a wonderful story and great cast , I am still perplexed as to why NDTV would want to kick this show and replace it with the same old saas-bahu show??

15 years ago

Writer does not even know who Apurva Agnihotri wants happy ending with???? Mona Singh or Mona Vasu. They just killed a good show mercilessly.

15 years ago

both the shows are ending? I used to watch them on and off...its quite shocking

15 years ago

a very stupid way of ending the show....the show started in a great way.............and then now its like any other average show.....wht about ruchi''s dream...wht abt ragini ambition.............and even the love between ruchi and adi and ragini and the other guy(i forgot his name)..........and that friend of ruchi......rohini''s ambition and everything.............its such a hurried ending..................all interest lost................nyways hope the next show does not lose the charm..........

15 years ago

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