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Happy days are back for Karan and Sakshi in Sony TV's Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Karan and Sakshi to spend some romantic moments with each other in Sony TV's Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

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There's a new dawn after each night and now love will finally accomplish in Sakshi and Karan's life in Sony Entertainment Television's Ek Nayi Pehchaan. After facing the hard times, bundle of misunderstandings will wipe off from Karan (Karan Sharma) and Sakshi's (Krystle Dsouza) life.

Viewers have seen that Sharda decides to get Karan and Sakshi back together. Sharda (Poonam Dhillon) plans a surprise for Karan and Sakshi so that they can some time with each other. Now in the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness romantic moments between Sakshi and Karan. Karan and Sakshi will receive an invitation for their friend's engagement party. To make the moment special Karan will gift a beautiful sari to Sakshi. Sakshi will be all ecstatic to see Karan in such a different avatar.

Well, it would definitely be great to see them together


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Ro-001 6 years ago Love Ek nayi pehchaan
Kasak are too cute together
Love them
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TonsOfWishes 6 years ago that wud be a treat to watch
love Poonamji and KaSak!
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sushmakryan 6 years ago love enp krystle ,karan and poonam love them all keep rocking guys
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Ro-001 6 years ago feels so good to see them happy again
Kasak the best
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kryanfan1 6 years ago sweet..!
hope to see more romance in the upcoming episodes..
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Kryan_SanDhir 6 years ago Love Ek Nayi Pehchaan and Krystle Dsouzaa...
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souroj 6 years ago Just love KaSak...keep on romancing in this way.
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manjha 9 years ago LOL
i love AK
but no one can be as legit as Oprah so i dont think they should bother to even try... like a normal talk show would be aight but a re-make of Oprah is just gonna be a joke...
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sonia_92 9 years ago I love the Oprah Winfrey show and i like Aamir Khan alot but creating an indian copy of the OPRAH WINFREY show seems like the funniest thing to me, it is a pathetic idea and a useless one to be honest, there can NEVER be a copy of that show, the original is the best, and quite honestly even AAMIR KHAN, the PERFECTIONIST wont be able to fit in oprah's shoes, it is an impossible task, noone, not even aamir khan can do what that woman does on her show!

i would rather advice that they come up with a new concept of a chat show or if they want to do something SIMILAR to Oprah's show they should stop relating or comparing it to her show coz the original show can never be copied! Aamir Khan himself is a biggie, he could come up with a different and fresh concept i'm sure! so all the best to them for whatever they are upto!2011-05-18 18:00:08
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Bazingaa 9 years ago Indian version of The Oprah Winfrey show? Erm, I love the Indian television industry and they have great potential so why not come up with something original rather than re-making shows from somewhere else. I love the Oprah Winfrey show and would love it if they'd leave it as it is and not make an Indian version out of it. It just ruins all the fun and magic for me! Why not come up with something unique and original, something that you can actually call your own? Please. :)
<br/>I'm not gonna watch this show anyway, not too fond of Amir Khan. :P But coming up with something original woud actually be way better.

My opinion, no offence meant. :)
2011-05-18 12:30:18
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