'Hands up!!', It's Police Commissioner Vibha Chibber

Vibha Chibber of Bidaai will now be seen in the role of a Police Commissioner in RGV's Contract releasing today..Here is the actor taking about her role...

Vibha Chibber, the coach in SRK’s Chak De India now gets into the robe of a Police Commissioner in Ram Gopal Verma’s movie ‘Contract’ that hits silver screens today!!

After playing the perfect mother in Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, the lady who does not like to be typecast in one particular image plays the Commissioner Alka Rawat who has a funny touch to her character. “The manner in which she walks and gestures made by her are really funny!!”, says the actress.

Talking about the stressful and demanding career of police personnels, Vibha says, “They need to be on high alert all the 24 hours. In all this, they might not get time for relaxation. Maybe, after seeing my light-hearted role in the movie, they feel a bit relaxed. Other than this, there are no intentions to bring anyone’s job down”.

When asked about her dream role in films, Vibha states, “I do not want to be cast as a mother or a mother-in-law! I am the closest friend to my 21 year old son and nothing called generation gap exists between us. I would love to play such a role on the big screen one day!!”.

The actress chooses Bollywood over Television and quips, “I am a theatre artist, so will prefer films to soaps and that is one reason why I am doing only one serial. I am still looking for a big break like Chak De!!”.

Wish the movie and the actress all the very best!!

Reporter : Binita Ramchandani
Author:Srividya Rajesh

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she was good in chak de india
good luck to her for contract

15 years ago

She is awsom. Great actress. Lots of luck.

15 years ago

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