#HalloweenwithIndiaForums - Bhavesh Balchandani on Happy Halloween!

In this candid chat with Bhavesh Balchandani who was last seen in Star Plus's Veera shares his spooky encounter and much more on this Halloween with TellyBuzz.

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As known to one and all, the world celebrated Halloween Day yesterday and so did we at India-Forums. Decked up like ghosts, tantriks and the graveyards and the haunted nights scared the hell out of the actors that dropped in yesterday. Up next on the list who joined us in this celebration is the talented and young boy Bhavesh Balchandani who was last seen in Star Plus' Ek Veer Ki Ardaas - Veera.

In this candid chat with him, he speaks about the Halloween and how attracted it is to the youth these days. Read on!

Personally, have you had an encounter with the spooky any time?
I have never actually faced the ghost or sort but yes there is this incident that I would like to share. I was playing with my friends in ground 2 of my building. Actually when the building was being built, that builder died on the same level where we were playing. He was killed or it was a suicide, that I do not know, but yes he died there. While we all were playing, we found something written in one of the walls that read 'Main wapas aaunga'. Reading that, all of us got really scared and finally one friend of mine went ahead and saw and he found it was blood. It was so scary that all of us just ran away from that site. Guess what, after two - three months we get to know that it was not blood but tomato ketchup. That was insanely crazy. (Laughs)

Halloween is something that is not born in India. Today when you see India accepting the festivals originated in abroad, what do you have to say about it?
It is definitely a good thing that we are open to everything. When concerned to youth, I feel we need to celebrate a lot more festivals because India do not have much youth oriented festivals to celebrate in my opinion. Halloween is one such thing that can be enjoyed by everyone. I do not think there is anyone who do not like scaring people. So yes, definitely it feels great.
How was it being with India-Forums and celebrating Halloween?
It was scary of course. But at the same time, I enjoyed a lot. There were so many new things that I came across today. The best that attracted me were the food items like 'Ghost Guts', 'Stuffed Cockroach', 'Chopped Finger Sticks' and many more. 

Lastly, message to your fans...
Halloween is an amazing festival. Go out, dress up like bhoots and enjoy like I am enjoying with India-Forums (smiles). Enjoy!!

Well Bhavesh, now that is something to ponder upon.

Upasana Patel


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