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Halloween and Serials!

Lets Celebrate Halloween with our Favorite television shows and see how they have transfigured into a witch or wizard..Accidently!

Published: Friday,Oct 31, 2008 10:02 AM GMT-06:00
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Ramgopal Varma until now was famous for making movies  with loads of attitude and  glamor or on the 'infamous' underworld, be it Rangeela, Daud or Satya, Company, Sarkaar etal. His many flicks might have bombed at the box office, but the chic quotient has always been up to the mark. Well, apart from all the genres stated, Ramu excels in movies pertaining to Voodoo and Black Magic and the best example for that is his latest movie, Phoonk. As he aptly puts it in the promo of the movie, "jab tak yeah aap ke sath hota nahi, aap vishwas nahin karenge” Now the question to be asked is, where is our society heading to? On one hand, scientists are banging their heads to solve the big ban theory and here we are talking about nimbu-mirchi!!
This also seems to be the latest trend of tinsel town, where in RGV's Phoonk showed a family  experiencing strange things, thanks to a Lemon and in Priyadarshan's Bhool Bhulaiya, they were trying to chase down a Ghost who is hovering around in a palace and only towards the end they disclosed that it was more of a psychological problem than black magic ! As our films always inspires our shows, and show makers never leave a chance to follow films, here we are, listing out few take-ups from movies to our daily soaps...
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi : The most successful of Balajii soaps, started this trend where the whole of Virani Klan held Mandira responsible for keeping Mihir under some black magic spell, as he started listening more to her than Tulsi; but if you think even Tulsi could be held responsible for doing the same with Mihir, as all women of small screen aim to keep their hubbies in their pockets!!! Anyway, moving on, to bring Mihir out of this ,they held a pooja , which lead to a comical situation in this serious drama, with Mihir half asleep half awake and on the other hand Karan,Tulsi and Baa trying their best to keep Mihir in the pooja!
Kasturi is not far behind either, where once Robbie was under the spell of Kiran, who was a conwoman of Mausi  jee to get the property of Robbie. Robbie even signed the property papers under the spell, but all thanks to Kasturi, she brings him out of it and just in time! Imagine without our Small screen bahus, life would have been so difficult for everyone, alas, even ghosts are scared of them .



Teen Bahuraaniyan…Black magic and voodoo was adopted in this show too, where the evil soul of Payal got into the body of our dear protagonist, Bindiya and created havoc in everyone’s life. Thanks to the  tantrik baba and his broom that he got rid of Payal ‘s soul and captured it in a doll. Bindiya got hurt in all this shuffle of tantrik baba and Payal was a goner for life.. as they say all wells that end nobody complained.
Hamari Devrani : A afternoon daily of Star Plus which is enjoying good TRPs had a brush with this track as well, where all the jethaniyans  tried to trap their Devrani Bhakti and Devar Mohan under this, as they used to meet in the backyard of the house.They adopted the theory of a Bhoot and got one Tantrik baba as well to get rid of it!
Where we are heading to in this 21st century as shows reflect society and its beliefs, so can we say the society too is open to these kind of acts? Or is it that shows are getting away from reality and viewers as in whole! If viewers start adopting this voodoo and black magic in life, then situation could become very grave and even comical at times.
So here are few suggestions from our side , where people can use Voodoo and Blackmagic...
  • Producers and directors should use voodoo and black magic on their actors, so that they can't leave their shows in the middle and then we won't come across any plastic surgery.
  • To keep viewers glued to the shows, they can adopt witchcraft and can enjoy great TRPs.
  • Even viewers should have used the black magic to stop Prem(Harshad Chopra) from dieing and leaving Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil .
  • Many reality show contestants and their family can use witchcraft to win the show! Hope Nach Baliye ,Big Boss and  all Singing Reality shows contestants are reading this and taking a clue out of our suggestion.

What do you think ? Whether shows should promote such things or not ? As they have a reach to every household.  

Happy Halloween to all the readers of Tellybuzz!

Concept & Author :Nishtha
Picture Credit : Supriyo Das

Priyadarshan R Mohan Mohan Harshad Chopda

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kosupaat 14 years ago Well said! bravo!!kudos!! A perfect 9.9 on 10
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Maria_Exotiika 14 years ago wooooo
im going trick-or-treating : )
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S226079 14 years ago This content is hidden.
CrazyChatterbox 14 years ago yeah... happy halloween guyys...

but one thing i dont understand, for teen bahuraniya why issit written payal all the time?? i thought it was kajal whose bhoot was troubling everyone...
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coolnandu 14 years ago funny and nice article

Happy halloween
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Jenifer. 14 years ago haha...that''s a great post! happy halloween peeps!
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.x. Simran .x.
.x. Simran .x. 14 years ago Great Post!!!
wishing you all a very spooky Halloweeen!!!
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nimrah 14 years ago Lol.. I agree with the Harshad part.. maybe we shud start doing it now! ;)
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-Nina- 14 years ago HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Horrible Halloween ^^
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arabian_love 14 years ago this article is intresting and hilarious.according to black magic concept zee tv thief of baghdad is really a great serial,these saas bahu serials are stupid, lol
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