Gurmeet Choudhary REVEALS that he does feel SCARED while performing stunts

Of course, he is only human afterall..


Actor Gurmeet Choudhary has been off the fiction space on TV, and his fans there have really been missing him a lot.

And while, the man is a Bollywood star now, he continues to give sporadic appearances at several award functions. He did the same now as he performed amazingly at the Gold Awards, that telecast a couple of days ago.

And as we talk about Gurmeet, it has become a given that the actor is a daredevil in every manner, as he performs his own stunts in the films or shows that he is a part of. Time and again, we have seen an amazing display of the same.

However, Gurmeet, in an ode to motivate all the ones watching and following him revealed that he is only human afterall. And that was because, he mentioned how a lot of people ask him that does he get scared, when he is performing a stunt. This is when he said, of course, he is scared as he is not Superman. But inspite if that, he goes on to so what he did at the awards ceremony and other times too-
It may not be Monday today, but all of us can certainly use this motivation.
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Gurmeet Choudhary

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suhana_maaneet 2018-07-06T12:29:11Z Gurmeet Choudhary commenting for you...
Aaryafan 2018-07-06T12:19:39Z Gurmeet Choudhary
This was a nice stunt
Guruumaan 2018-07-06T12:16:58Z Take care Gurmeet Choudhary
Sona.maan 2018-07-06T12:13:54Z Gurmeet Choudhary take care...
afghanjalebi 2018-07-06T12:10:12Z Gurmeet Choudhary take care
ramayan.fan 2018-07-06T12:07:12Z Gurmeet Choudhary commenting for you
ladyloving 2018-07-06T12:03:22Z Gurmeet Choudhary commenting for you...
Gcfann 2018-07-06T11:52:51Z Gurmeet Choudhary rocks!!!!
Take care Gurmeet
gururocks0 2018-07-06T11:47:19Z Gurmeet Choudhary come back soon on TV..
aroarj 2018-07-06T11:42:31Z Gurmeet Choudhary commenting for you...
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