Gurdeep Kohli eyeing comedy now...

As her track in Bhabhi comes to an end, Gurdeep Kohli wants to go a bit easy on work and spend more time with hubby.. Here are her thoughts..

Married life seems to be taking an upper hand over career for Gurdeep Kohli. According to sources, this cute Punjabi kudi decided to leave the Star Plus show Bhabhi to be with her husband. In fact, she had left Sindoor Tera Naam Ka post tying the knot with Arjun to get a good break. Around 6 months back, she had ended her self confessed exile and entered Bhabhi as Geetanjali Sabharwal, but she is walking out again for the same reason.

When we quizzed the actress on her reason for exit, she just said that her track was over and that it was a mutual decision to part ways. “I am very happy with the way my track progressed and ended”, she said.

Gurdeep is now on the look out for anything interesting, especially a comedy. She also would not mind doing another reality show. “It all depends on the format. If something different comes along, why not!”, says Gurdeep. Besides acting, she is currently hosting a daily break fast show on 9X, Good Morning Zindagi with Shakti Anand..

Mention Dill Mill Gayye to her and her voice drops. She had earlier walked out this sequel of sort, to her favorite show Sanjeevni. "I have not watched any episodes of this Star One show, hence can’t comment”, she ended caustically.

Author: Anil Merani

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Comments (7)

i just wish ki should be there in dmg....anyways gd luck gurdeep....n thanx 4 d article...

16 years ago sweet! She would do a comedy fab! It would have been such a treat to see her in DMG! It would just add to the show's shine! I miss her soo much esp. her acting in Saanjeevani! It was daa best!

16 years ago

I would have loved to seen her on DMG, it would have been interesting! But best of luck to her...

16 years ago

oh... I really miss Sinndoor tere naam ka...

16 years ago

i like her a lotttt she iz choo cuteee she iz punjabi i came to know now

16 years ago

Oye Punjabi kudi tussi kamaal he ho..

i liked her and rahul's interaction. in Sanjeevani..
They were really WOW....
Her eyes speaks alot hmmmm

16 years ago

She is one good actress TI has...i like her...:D

all the best to her...

16 years ago

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