Shakti Anand's reflections on World Tourism Day: Embracing the joy of travel

Shakti Anand, in an exclusive chat with India Forums reflects on the joys of travel on World Tourism day.

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Shakti Anand

On National Tourism Day, Shakti Anand, known for his portrayal of Karan in Zee TV's Kundali Bhagya, shares his heartfelt sentiments about the transformative power of travel. With a passion for exploration and a thirst for new experiences, Anand encapsulates the essence of wanderlust with his profound words: “On National Tourism Day, all I can think about are the amazing trips I've taken."

Talking to India Forums about this day, Shakti says, ''Travelling isn't just about going to new places; it's also about learning more about yourself. I've been to peaceful beaches like Goa and Pondicherry and busy streets in Manali. Each place has its own special story in my heart. Travelling is like a refreshing break, a chance to understand different cultures, and make memories that will last forever. I've planned a couple of places to visit, and the topmost one is the beautiful Lakshadweep on my travel list. I can't wait to explore its tropical paradise. So, as we celebrate this day, remember there are so many amazing places to explore. Every trip is like a unique experience. After all, we only have one life, so pack your bags, follow your heart, and let the world be your oyster!”

In essence, Shakti Anand's words resonate with the essence of National Tourism Day, urging individuals to seize the opportunity to embark on enriching journeys that transcend geographical boundaries. With his words, Anand encapsulates the boundless joys of travel, inviting everyone to embark on their own transformative voyages of discovery.

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Love for travelling is a great quality , it’s so fulfilling and enjoyable .

2 months ago

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