'Gullu', Mitil Jain ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah..

Mitil Jain, the bubbly sardar in Star One's Annu Ki Ho Gayee Wah Bhai Wah in conversation...

Your character – Gullu, has become immensely popular in the show, what lies in the future track for Gullu?

I am glad that people appreciate my work on screen. The story track goes that Gullu is forced by his mother to enter the cooking competition, and a lot of hungama happens at the competition with the swapping of the dishes. I can’t reveal much more right now, but it’s surely something to look forward to.

Before Annu, what other shows were you a part of?

I did Resham Dankh with Hats Off Productions, and I did a 20 episode cameo in DJ’s Jabb Luv Hua, where I played Neil who’s an NRI and who comes to the village to fight for the property. Apart from that, I have been doing theater for the last nine years.

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I think Sushmita is the prettiest woman in the film industry!

16 years ago

i really like his character it has all shades funny caring emotional everythng and mitil is just too good...........

16 years ago

Annu.. is a nice show.it is not like the usual ones.hope it will remain such interesting and unique in the future too.

16 years ago

MITHIL...all the best...its just the first step...you have miles to go...keep performing.

Kumar Gautam,

Creative Director, AKHGWBH

16 years ago

I think this show will bring lots of fun and twists and it will be better then those saas-bahu dramas...


16 years ago

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