Emotions run high as Ankita and Vicky’s mothers Shweta Lokhande and Ranjana Jain enter the BIGG BOSS house

In the episode of Colors TV's show Bigg Boss 17 tonight, Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande's mothers will be seen entering the show.

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Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande's mothers.

In tonight's 'BIGG BOSS' episode on COLORS, black and white is the theme of this week's nomination drill which happens in the white room partitioned into green (safe) and red (unsafe) zones with contestants donning lab suits. The captain of the week Ankita is granted the power of announcing which contestant is up for nomination. The rest of the housemates are expected to cast their nomination vote by pressing the buzzer and citing their reasons for doing so. 

The first contestant that Ankita chooses to put up for nomination is her husband, Vicky Jain. Many reasons for nominations surface such as aversion, fake relationships, and playing the game like a coward. In the middle of nominations, a huge fight erupts when Ankita confesses that she regrets voting in favour of inviting Abhishek Kumar back on the show after he slapped Samarth Jurel. This is enough for Abhishek to explode in rage and a heated argument ensues between him and Ankita-Vicky. Vicky fires by saying that his re-entry on the show is a handout and Ankita warns him to talk to her from afar. With sparks flying everywhere, who's going to be nominated this week?

The contestants are on a rollercoaster of emotions as Ankita's mother, Shweta Lokhande, made a surprise entrance into the house. Amid tears, she sits with her daughter and son-in-law Vicky down for a heart-to-heart, urging them to play their own games and not meddle in each other's strategies. Hinting at the world's chatter about them, the mother drops some truth bombs, claiming they're made for each other but need to step up their game. Revealing that she braved sleepless nights over their constant fights, she diplomatically nudges them to watch their words for a happy life beyond the show. Drama ensues when Ankita, frustrated with her mom's cryptic hints, demands straight talk. Vicky chimes in, urging her to grasp the hints and accept that there’s room for improvement. Will this intervention work its magic on the couple?

After Ankita's mom's emotional entrance, Vicky's mom, Ranjana Jain steals the spotlight in the house. She waltzes in, claiming she can't recognize anyone in the show, and hugs her son and daughter-in-law. She leaves the housemates in splits with her witty observations. She reveals that a rumour of her being a wild card contestant was doing the rounds and she says that playing the game is not her cup of tea. Taking a page from Munawar's book, she unleashes her inner poet, reciting a shaayari for her son. The real comedy gold happens when Ankita, craving her moment, asks for some lines too. Utterly clueless, Vicky's mom questions, "Ab Ankita ke liye kya bole?" What does she have to say about her son’s constant fights with Ankita?

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