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Guess which 'Naamkarann' actor will join Ssharad & Yesha in 'Muskaan'

New entry, new developments...


Star Bharat's Muskaan breathed fresh air with the introduction of Ssharad Malhotra and Yesha Rughani in the show a few months ago. The show was struggling to survive in its runtime till the leap was brought in and popular faces came in.

Since then, the show has performing decently overall and its popularity continues to rise. The makers are planning to make things as better as possible by bringing in new twists and keep the viewers glued.

According to reports, actor Karam Rajpal, while became a household name owing to his role in Mere Angne Mein and then played a pivotal negative role in Naamkarann is all set to make an entry in Muskaan.

Yes! That's right. Karam will enter the show as Sujoy, who will be Muskaan's friend and confidant. He will be extremely caring, loving and protective about her too. There, however, will be an element of mystery attached to his character which will only be revealed at a later stage.

Are you excited for Karam's entry? Leave in your comments below...

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l-NiklausFan-l 2019-01-12T01:31:42Z I don't know much about karam and his previous shows.. But excited about the character Sujoy returning back to the show
arya1210 2019-01-12T01:10:15Z so much excited about his entry.Stories is going to spice up
Deb07 2019-01-11T16:24:24Z NO2019-01-11 16:25:04
ritamukund 2015-02-23T12:31:54Z One thing I never understood is, why Bollywood always hype about Hollywood and Oscar. Don't we take pride in our own work? Do we take time to prise our own work? I have not seen our own people congratulating their colleauges as much appreciating work from Hollywod. I know nothing wrong in praising good work. But I still don't understand. How much Hollywood is appreciating Bollywood.
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