Greece is the ideal place for a romantic date: Leenesh Mattoo

Tellybuzz brings to you the Thursday column on the eligible bachelor of Tellywood with Leenesh Mattoo...

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Tellybuzz brings to you the Thursday column on the eligible bachelor of Tellywood with Leenesh Mattoo.

Are you seeing someone?
Fortunately, Yes 

What is the first thing you notice in a girl?
Her personality and the way she carries herself. 

What's the one thing that puts you off the most in a girl?
When a girl surrenders herself to person she loves, that thing puts me off. This shows that how weak the person is, both partners should be at the same level. 

What would your ideal date be?
Personally I am a very romantic person, so I would like to take my date to Greece; I think that's the most romantic place on Earth. And yes, beach dinner in Santorini.

Which gift would you prefer to pick for your date?
Bunch of flowers and good honest compliments I feel will be the perfect gift for any girl on first date.

Do you believe in blind dates? If it ever happens to you, then would you take the initiative to ask for her contact no. or you will wait for her to ask for your number?
No, I don't believe in blind dates anymore. All thanks to my past experiences. I am a very shy person, so I will wait for her to ask for my number.

Your idea of a perfect proposal?
I just love rains; if it's not raining I would probably make artificial rain and then propose her with a ring. 

If you could mix a Hollywood actress and a Bollywood actress to create your dream girl, then who would you choose?
I just love Anjaliena Jolie and I feel she has very attractive and has a unique face. From Bollywood I like Kareena Kapoor, she is really hot. I would say Jolie's face and Kareena's body that would be my dream girl. 
If there was a matrimony or a dating ad for you, what would it read like?
If you are looking out for a humble, good-looking and handsome boy, kindly contact Leenesh Mattoo. He has the brains and looks; undoubtedly will keep any girl happy.

Leenesh Mattoo

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-Aniisha- 4 years ago --2017-03-05 11:17:23
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sandiab 5 years ago He is sweet enjoying his articles. And lol he wnt like a girl like despo suhani at all lol
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shivani003 8 years ago @Pavi.Dravid119
Yea lol I also feel weird for TMK... The concept of the movie sounds weird. Anyway at least the songs are rocking...
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ChelseaForEver 8 years ago All the best Priyanka.. Have heard tht it was a great film, hope its a superb one for yu :)

@Shivani - PC's my fav too n i dont have a good feeling for Teri Meri Kahaani :S
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shivani003 8 years ago PC is my fav but I have no idea why I dont have a good feeling about this movie Confused
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