Govinda 'partner'ing up with the Bemisaal Barah

Prepare for a fun-filled episode as Govinda joines Amul Star Voice of India as a celebrity guest while moving and grooving with the Bemisaal Barah!

Be it performance, drama or suspense, Star Plus' Amul Star voice of has the makings of yet another great reality show. The show keeps the viewers glued to their idiot boxes as it continues entertaining the audiences with powerful performances by their Bemisaal Barah contestants. But in today's competitive Indian Telly world, how does a reality show ensure that the audience doesn't loose interest? Well the solution lies in cutting-edge competition, innovations and an immensely popular Bollywood celebrity guest!

As the two teams, Agni and Prithvi, decide to battle it out on Saturday, August 4th, the channel plans yet another dhamaka for the contestants and viewers. Gracing the show with his powerful screen presence will be none other than our amchi Govinda bhai who will be appearing on the show as a celebrity guest!


To mark the special episode, the whole episode will be dedicated entirely to Govinda songs! "Perhaps, the entire episode dedicated to him will be a good change for all our viewers and contestants as well as this gives them a chance to perform something different from their usual style and genre of singing", gushes the very trilled host of the show, Shaan.

As the tension runs high among the contestants, Bollywood’s Hero no. 1 will be cheering up the contestants in the middle of all the excitement and nerve wrecking moments. This episode also marks the first time the contestants will be performing under their mentors after their team formations.

Govinda acted more like a friend than like a celebrity on the sets as visibly excited Prantika Mukherjee from Prithvi team adds, ”I have tried something different from my style of singing for the first time and I was very nervous. But Govinda uncle comforted me with his kid words and I really enjoyed performing on his song Kudi Kanwaari from his movie Hadh Kardi Aapne. He comes from a musical background and is a star himself, yet he is such a down-to-earth person. He liked my performance very much and gave valuable suggestions as well".

The contestants couldn't have asked for better and more lively arrangements as their bollywood idol not only spoke to them but joined them by singing and dancing!. "I had a ball performing on the song Haseena Maan Jaaegi picturised on Govindaji's and I couldn't have asked for more when he came up to the stage and sang & danced with me. It was like a dream come true for me. I hope the viewers will enjoy it as much as we did", says Abhaas Joshi from Agni team.

Looks like Amul Star Voice of India is all set for yet another gripping episode with great performances, lots of anticipation and our chi chi bhai, Govinda, as their special guest to ensure tons of viewers and high TRPs. That's not all, Irfan's stupendous performance on Signal , Prantik's Laal Duppatte Wali, Abhilasha's Hero No.1 and Harshit's - you are my love from Govinda's lastest blockbuster Partner and many more of such power packed performances are sure to keep you hooked on to television sets. So don't forget to tune in to the show this Saturday, August 4th at only on Star Plus!

Author: Naina Kapoor (virgo_stars)

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this PR of hers needs a reality check...half the india didn't know who she was before celeb BB....and if she really was talented she would have got some sort of an award till now....surely she did get one award...and for wat...yup you guessed it right BB...RM, PZ, ash..are big names today because of their talent...they got big banner films because of their talent...
i have seen couple of SS's films...and i am sorry to say this but she can NOT act...her dialogue delivery isn't that good either...
like someone mentioned before...if she wants to make a place for herself in the long run...she needs to improve on all these...
wish you all the best shilpa :)

16 years ago

Shilpa is only famous in the UK for winning Big brother. If she really wants to make a name for herself in the long run then it has to be due to her talent.

I wonder where this 'coolest celebrity' list is from because it has the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown?/!? I don't know anyone who thinks he's cool.

16 years ago

looks like irfan has given 2 knockout performances this week.definitly the dark horse of this competion

16 years ago

I must say the dress choices for prantika for both episodes have been really weird... all others seem to be comfortable in their outfits... anyhow, its an exciting episode to look forward to... thnx for the preview...

16 years ago

Very unsual song choice from Prantika - am wondering how she has done it...

The elimination was anyway not supossed to be this week, as last week the teams were just formed!

16 years ago

Govinda ala means there's going 2 b dhamal....can't wait to watch the show.

16 years ago

the two names not mentioned for friday are mentioned here.... and they have delayed the elimination to next friday by giving reason of health of ishmeet :P

16 years ago

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