Gizmo Freak - Pravin Dabbas

A one to one with Pravin Dabbas on Gizmos and its importance to him!

Are you a gizmo freak? Ipods, Cameras, Laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones, PDAs are a part of your daily routine. Read on further to find what stars have to say about them. Pravin Dabbas on gizmos... read on

1: Are you a gizmo freak? A: Gizmo freak would be too general a term to describe me. But yes, I like to own useful gadgets like laptop, camera and mobile phone.

2. What gadgets do you possess?

A: I have a laptop, a camera, since I'm interested in photography, and of course, a mobile phone, to help me stay connected. I do not believe in intricate gadgets because they are quite difficult to use.

3: Which is your latest prized possession?

A: It would be my Apple laptop which allows me to make slide-shows with music. Since I like taking photographs, I really like this feature. My laptop is black, though it comes in a few other basic colours like silver-white.

4. Do you think gadgets have made our lives simpler?

A: Yes, they certainly have, especially gadgets like mobile phones.

5. Which is the one discovery (in gadgets) without which you think life would have been impossible?

A: Well, the short messaging service (SMS) facility has certainly helped me a lot. Sometimes you can just shoot off an SMS rather than have a long conversation.

6. Where do you access your email --- on your mobile phone or on the laptop?

A: Well, I had tried doing that on the phone but I somehow did not like it. I access it on my laptop or my desktop.

7: Would you like to call yourself techno-savvy? How important is it to be techno-savvy in today's world?

A: I think you can call me a techno-savvy person, but then again, I believe in gadgets that are useful in everyday life. In today's world, one needs to know the basics, especially in communication technology. Today, even fruit sellers and vegetable vendors are making more business because they use mobile phones.

8: There are a lot of complicated gadgets available in the market and they are expensive too. What do you have to say about them?

A: Most of them are owned as status symbols. What need does a common man have for a Blackberry or a PDA? It is only for a select few. See, I do not need to carry two or three laptops. In my mobile, I need a huge memory but not a 5 mega-pixel camera.

9: Do you think the whopping price tags of gadgets are justified?

A: No, I do not think they are justified. The companies add features to them and sell them at high prices but we do not use most of the features.

10: The modern gadgets in the market have made us completely dependent on them. Your comments?

A: Yes, we have become somewhat dependent on them but I feel that we were doing fine without them too. They have just made life simpler. There is no end to newer technological inventions.

11. Where do you usually buy your gadgets from? Any suggestions for our readers…

A: There is no particular shop or showroom where I buy my gadgets from, but I buy them in India, or rather Mumbai, so that I get a guarantee. I suggest people to buy these things from authorized dealers because then you have a proper guarantee or warranty. I do not mind paying a few hundred rupees extra but I do not want my gadget to malfunction within a few months.

So what Gizmos do you prefer? Are you a gizmo freak too?

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