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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: SaiRat’s confusion escalates as Pakhi reaches Kankavli; Virat to see Jagtap- Sai

Gear up for a dramatic twist in Star Plus show 'Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin'.

Published: Tuesday,Sep 13, 2022 15:02 PM GMT-06:00
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Virat and Sai

Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ is getting quite dramatic with each passing episode. Sai and Virat have been staying away since years but have finally came face to face. Virat is furious that Sai stayed away from the family since so many years while Sai is agitated that Virat did not bother to find out about her.

After a roller coaster of emotions, Sai managed to convince Virat to let her do Vinayak’s treatment. Sai and Virat have a lot of misunderstanding pertaining to the kids. Sai feel Virat has moved on and have a child of his own, not knowing about the fact that Vinayak is adopted. Virat, on the other hand believe that Sai has moved on and has a child Savi, not knowing that Savi is her baby.

In the upcoming episodes, Virat saves Savi from the goons, Sai screams at Virat and asks him to save their daughter. Virat will be shocked to hear that and will turn towards Sai while Sai will change her words and ask him to rescue her daughter. Meanwhile, Virat will suffer a gun-shot by the goons.

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India Forums have further learned that Virat will be seen bleeding dreadfully and since there are no hospitals near Kankavli, Sai will be seen treating Virat. She will remove the bullet and will help Virat recover. Later, Pakhi will be seen reaching the village. Sai sees Pakhi and Virat together and believes that Virat has moved on with Pakhi and Vinayak is their child.

Meanwhile, Virat sees Jagtap and Sai together and assumes them to be a couple.

Will SaiRat’s misunderstanding vanish anytime soon? Only time will tell.

Keep reading this space for more updates from the television industry.

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Marielouise 2 months ago The story is a drag but in the latest gossip i read everything is going to turn in sai favour and palkhi will die from a disease and sai virat savi and vinyak will have a happy family life makers are even planning a continuation but that is in the make more about the children savi vinyak and harinni a few older actors will remain in the story and it will end happily in november this year
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focus7 2 months ago WTF how the eff can be assume Jagtap and Sai to be a couple ? And he thinks she slept with her molestor and savi is jagtaps daughter, and she is twisted enough to keep Jagtap and her child as savi , WTF man. Chi
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Nja91 2 months ago Even if Vinu is adopted, he is PP and V's child. He HAS moved on. He may be "distant" without having gone on honeymooon to get laid with PP but she does live in his house and his bedroom as his wife. And he doesnt even feel guilty or realize the mess- his real wife whom he claims to love is alive but he has moved on....and instead of realizing the mess he has created he is accusing Sai of moving on despite clear evidence that there is NO guy in her life and till date he thinks Sai was wrong to leave. Even Sai's presumed death didnt make him realize that he was wrong to pick pp over Sai, to say cruel things to Sai and to not look for her and assume her dead.
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Nja91 2 months ago How the F can V believe that Sai would move on with her fathers murderer?! not everyone is as stupid as him to make a criminal into their spouse. PP was responsible for all the kaand in Sai's life, yet V defends PP till today
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suwasif 2 months ago So looks like Virat won't know about Savi being his daughter. Where is his brain? Sai named her daughter Savi. Even if she is adopted that should tell him something. Who made this guy IPS? He claims to love Sai but He doesn't know her at all. . Why does Pakhi have to come to Kankavali? Its such a bliss to have just Sai & Virat with Pakhis face in between them for once. This was too good to last long. What don't they end with Virakhi, get new guy for Sai who will appreciate her, And Savi gets a father she deserves.
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oye_nakhrewaali 2 months ago I haven't watched this show since...IDR, but if Virat believes that Sai falls in love with the guy who is the reason she is orphan and she almost died, I am worried for the Nagpur city's safety. Aisa hoshiyaar inspector hai who jumps to conclusion toh ho gaya citya ka😅
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NayaNehaD31 2 months ago Kalakaari level🤭🤭🤭😁😁😁😁🤐🤔😵😬🤣😂
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Rosyme 2 months ago Sai can build a hospital and help the poor.

Virat and CN guys can build a temple for Pakhi and worship her and sing bhajans day and night.
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Rinku 2 months ago What rubbish and crap they are showing for last 2 months , they are not even leaving the children out of it ….. pls dont unite sairat but atleast make virat realise that he is savis father this is toooo much toxic this show
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Clois_semperanc 2 months ago Vanku can't even dream of creating a plot without shoving Pakhi in it!! There was already enough conflict and drama between Sai Virat but then again he has to satisfy Mrs Bhatt's cravings of acting with her hubby otherwise she throws a hissy fit on set!
Now we'll see Neil who didn't give a single interview with Ayesha give all the bytes in the world since his wifey will be shooting with him. Just turn Ghum set into Bhatts honeymoon destination and spare us from this crap!
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