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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Sai accepts Virat’s proposal but there’s a twist

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’.

Published: Monday,Apr 17, 2023 12:05 PM GMT-06:00
Updated: Monday,Apr 17, 2023 12:06 PM GMT-06:00
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Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Sai rejecting Virat’s proposal stating that she doesn’t want to be a home wrecker. She states that she doesn’t want to break Vinayak and Pakhi’s family; hence she decides to leave Chavan house.

As informed by India Forums earlier, Vinayak’s problem with the limbs escalates and he is unable to walk. Virat asks Satya to inform the same to Sai so that she can return and treat Vinayak. Satya does the same, and Sai plans to meet Vinayak. In the upcoming episodes, Sai messages Virat that she needs to meet Vinayak, but before that, she wants to meet him at Azad Maidan.

Now, as per our sources, the upcoming episode will have a major shocker for the viewers. Sai will call Virat at Azad Maidan at Bhavani’s rally. Amidst the crowd, Savi goes missing, but Virat finds her. Further, Virat takes the mike and expresses his love and care for Sai and proposes her again. He asks her to return to him and start a new life with him and their babies.

Sai will give a shocking reply to Virat. She will agree to the marriage offer and will accept the proposal. Shocked? Read on to know more. Well, Sai will say ‘yes’ to the proposal, but the episode will end at that very moment. It will be exciting to see if Sai saying ‘yes’ to Virat is a part of her plan or a dream sequence. Or did Sai really have a change of heart? Only time will reveal.

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silvermoonlight @silvermoonlight 5 months ago Barf worthy show
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Santhi_Priya21 @Santhi_Priya21 5 months ago Please Sai, ignore that nalayak Virat. Fight back strongly n openly w/ V n P. It’s been long we saw your fierce…. #AyeshaSingh
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Banyantree @Banyantree 5 months ago WTF is happening. Its night time when Sai messages V to meet her at maidaan. BK is at home in CN in the midst of tense situation, Vinu unwell. Savi is at Sheetals house. Sai would not take her to the maidaan. How can there suddenly be a political rally happening and Savi getting lost there. Makes no sense whatsoever. Even for a dream its completely random! 🙄🙈
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Sajash 5 months ago If Sai really accepts Virats proposal it will be the most stupidest thing especially after what all he has done .Pls unite Satya and Sai & not Virat & Sai.Virat should be with Pakhi Both will torture & kill each other that would be karma
Reply thumbs-up 6 thumbs-down 3
FireStarr @FireStarr 5 months ago I hope Sai and Virat are not endgame...because he does not deserve her. At all. She deserves someone that will love and respect her
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down 2
ltelidevara @ltelidevara 5 months ago Is this real? Please bring it on. Don’t cheat SaiRat fans again. Hope the twist turns out to be favourable for SaiRat.
Reply Show Responses (2) thumbs-up 5 thumbs-down 6
WittyKitty @WittyKittyVixxy 5 months ago Vankar & writers are a bunch of besotted jokers. In every track, they have to make their personal pyaari cheez win. Sai does the suffering and Porky does the enjoying! Almost 850 episodes and absolutely NO sign of Porky being exposed in totality or axed from the show. Vinu and Ashwitchy are just as annoying as her. This show has become the Porky’s DDP story & nothing else. Filled with toxicity, I am surprised it doesn’t emit n**lear radiation!
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Prriyanju @Prriyanju 5 months ago The twist is Sai saying yes to Satya. Virat would think she said yes to him but actually it's to Satya. Again we will see P winning. This show is only about P's nonexistent DDP& evil winning.
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scarlett22 @scarlett22 5 months ago Boring plan. As usual Pakhi will get everything on a platter
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nutmeg7 @nutmeg7 5 months ago This is a TRAP for the TRP audience. Sai will say "yes" to the proposal but she will change the man. She will ask Satya and not Virat for marriage
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