'Ghajini' Chop! Chop! Chop!

'Ghajini' gets U/A certificate from Censor Board.

Aamir Khan's most awaited film, 'Ghajini' has got many touch ups. First the promo of the film was editted, then some scenes were edited and finally the censor board has censored it.Yesterday, Ghajini went through the censorship of the Censor Board at Liberty Cinema . As per the board three edits have to be made within the film.

It objected on the scenes that seemed to be too violent.
1) A villian is hitted with a tap by Aamir and he pierces the tap in the villian's stomach, then blood starts dripping from the tap.

2)Asin is hitted twice with a rod

3) Aamir breaking a villian's neck.

The film has got U/A certificate. Its known that 'Ghajini' director A.R.Murugadoss was not happy with the decision of Censor Board and feels that they have been too rude to the film. On the other hand Aamir had no complains or dissatisfaction as such.

Well, we can just say A.R. Murugadoss that they have been lucky to get U/A certificate after censoring because recently director Madhur Bhandarkar faced the blow of censorship for his movie 'Fashion' that was given 'A' certificate even after being censored. 

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