Getting Popular : Sachin Shroff

Sachin Shroff rediscovered himself, as he was taken by surprise at the fan following he received in the recent trip to Mauritius..


The stars of Television are just back from an adventurous trip to where the first ever International Awards Show, Gold Awards was held. Actors on stepping foot in this fabulous place, were overwhelmed seeing the response they received from their international fans. Fans crowded the airport just to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

It is said that the Airport in has tight security and clicking pictures there, is not allowed. The security guards over there, found it tough to manage the crowd from taking pictures. But the moment Sachin Shroff got off the plane, things changed. All present there, breached the airport rules and started clicking pictures. Girls were screaming their hearts out, cheering for Sachin who is better known as Dhruv Raizada of Sinndoor. We also heard that the very security guards, who were trying their best to hold off the clicking of pictures, could not resist on seeing Sachin, and they too went on a picture-clicking spree.

This must surely have been a surprise for Sachin Shroff, who is the girls’ favorite in . It is heard that many flocked to him to talk to him, and know the future track of Sinndoor, which is still running in .

According to sources, Sachin Shroff is the only actor who received round-the-clock security during his stay in . Three Cheers for Sachin, he surely seems to be in demand there!!

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Sachin Shroff

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Cool_Dipti 2007-09-29T10:59:20Z How sweet!..He's such a simple person by nature..and nice to hear he's in so much demand!
frenz4u 2007-09-29T09:07:04Z Sachin is a very good actor !!!!!
I really miss SINDOOR and jodi of VEDIKA-DHRUV...........
live_life 2007-09-29T07:51:51Z wow go sachin!!!! u can beat all the hunks lol
*laddu* 2007-09-29T07:09:06Z i luv sachin in HGKKH.....i have 2 say dat if he came 2 mi country i wud prob be one of his crazy female fans
Siddhi_ 2007-09-29T07:00:49Z Sindoor is a really popular show there!! Thats great!!
Awww.... I miss STNK and Dhruv-Vediak sooooooooooooo much............
anku2cute 2007-09-29T03:55:24Z ahannn....sree di kahin J toh nai na..hehe
*Reemz* 2007-09-29T01:32:17Z aww...i miss that show :( I miss my DhruVedika :(

He looks so handsome!!!!

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