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Get Coloured and play a Safe Holi...

The Festival of Colors, Holi spreads the message of happiness and blesses all with a blissful life ahead as colorful as the colors of Holi.

The Festival of Colors, Holi spreads the message of happiness and blesses all with a blissful life ahead as colorful as the colors of Holi. The day remembered to have brought victory of good over evil, is enjoyed with colors, the taste of Bhaang, the memorable pranks and loads of fun and masti. Play with colors to your heart's content, but play it safe. Get the kick of Bhaang, but be under the secure eyes of your family is what the wish-list of many say.

On this auspicious day, we take a wish list from our favorite stars from Bollywood , get to know how they would love to spend the day of Holi.

Shammi Kapoor:
Play Holi in the right spirit, avoid the use of bad colors that are bad for skin, and also celebrate Holi the simple way. When Raj Kapoor ji used to organize Holi, he used to see to it that we only use sobre colors, and our bunglow used to be star-studded with all the celebrities attending the bash. Rajji used to dance with one and all; I can recollect memorable dances with dancer, Sitara, Vyjayantimala and many others. But today, Holi is studded with so many bad incidents especially on girls that it can get dreadful at times.

Vidya Balan:
I think the best way to celebrate Holi is to play with your close ones. You should make sure not to play holi with strangers to avoid any undue incidencts. Every year we hear about such incidences where a girl has been molested during holi. So the best way is to enjoy the colorful festival happily with your near ones.

Jackie Shroff:
Everyone must be aware that before coming into films, I used to stay in Teen Batti at Bhuleshwar. We used to have lot of fun during holi, but once I became mature I realized the importance of playing holi in a decent way. Frankly speaking, birth of my children Krishna and Tiger made me more mature and I am a responsible citizen now. I would like to give an advice to the parents to let their children play and enjoy holi, under the proper guidance of elders.

Minisha Lamba:

I like to play Holi with my close ones and would advice the same to others. Especially as a girl, one should be more careful with whom she is playing colors with.

Kaitrina Kaif:
As I have been born and brought up in London, I never got a chance to celebrate this festival. Even after coming to India my busy shooting schedules did not permit time to play holi. But yes, last year I did played holi with my friends in my house and that too with house paint. I think that was the most stupid thing I had ever done. Even this year I would love to play holi, of course with all the precautions. I would also like to advice everyone to play holi with colors made of flowers or with eco-friendly colors.

Rajnee Gupta -(Sampurn)


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