Gautam Rode wants to go to Jail...

Dashing actor Gautam Rode talks about visiting a jail to meet his fans.

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Actor Gautam Rode is all excited to go behind bars at a local jail. While this may surprise many, the excitement is because the actor recently found out that he has a huge fan following amongst the inmates in the jails in India. 

We hear that the prisoners eagerly wait for Gautam's show to come on air daily and its become a ritual on weekdays for them to watch Gautam. 

When we asked the actor he says, "A few months ago a production person from my show told me about a visit he did to a jail and how all the inmates there were asking him about me.  He told me that I had admirers in the jail who religiously watch me daily. A few days later a neighbor of mine whose brother in law works in a jail told him to speak to me and plan a visit due to the fan following there. Honestly I was surprised to hear this as I did not know that our Indian jails have admirers who are watching us daily. I am planning to soon visit a local jail soon and am looking forward to meeting the inmates there."


Gautam Rode Saraswatichandra  Star Plus 

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comoestas 6 years ago Gautam Rode, do what you feel in your heart to be right for you'll be criticized anyway. Good luck.
realitysports 6 years ago Gautam Rode just follow your heart. Stay blessed.
mini7 6 years ago Gautam Rode rocks.
Gautam Rode is the reason I am still watching this show
Gautam Rode is a class act
innocentgal07 6 years ago Gautam Rode your fans showed their fan power. Haters go away.
americanbeauty 6 years ago Gautam Rode you are a true star, well loved and admired. Some people cannot accept that, too bad.
j_love 6 years ago Gautam Rode is humble and compassionate.
romancefan 6 years ago Love your humility Gautam Rode.
Gautam Rode rocks.
happysummer 6 years ago Gautam Rode, may everything you do and touch find success.
realitysports 6 years ago Gautam Rode good luck with this idea. Stay blessed.
sona...666 6 years ago Hey Gautam Rode, it is great to know you have admirers even in Jail.
Gautam Is The Best !
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