Gauri Pradhan talks about her character in Pashminna

Gauri Pradhan, who will be seen in Sony SAB’s show Pashminna, talks about her character in the show.

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Gauri Pradhan

Sony SAB's highly anticipated show, 'Pashminna - Dhaage Mohobbat Ke', presents a beautiful tale of love set against the backdrop of Kashmir's scenic valley. In this captivating narrative, Gauri Pradhan embraces the significant role of Preeti Suri, mother to the lead character, Pashminna (played by Isha Sharma). Preeti is portrayed as a strong and independent woman, and her unwavering support has been a constant presence throughout Pashminna’s life.

In a candid conversation, Gauri Pradhan talks about playing Preeti Suri, her character’s influence on Pashminna and Raghav’s love story, and more.

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Can you tell us about your character, Preeti, and what makes her unique in the show?

Preeti is a strong and independent woman who has faced her share of challenges in the past, single-handedly raising her daughter Pashminna. She wholeheartedly believes in love and encourages Pashminna to embrace it as well. But because of her past, Preeti's one strict instruction to Pashminna is to never fall in love with a tourist, aiming to shield her daughter from potential heartbreak. Her journey in the show is both inspiring and impactful.

Preeti is shown as a strong and determined woman who faced difficulties in her past. Do you relate to this character and why?

As an actor, connecting with a character may not be immediate, but I often discover personal connections once immersed in the role. Like Preeti, I have always been independent and opinionated. Her ability to overcome challenges resonates with my own life experiences, allowing me to infuse authenticity into her character. Our shared values and unwavering determination blurs the lines between the character and myself. I find acting is a transformative journey, which reveals hidden facets of my own identity.

Preeti's relationship with her daughter, Pashmina, is extraordinary. Can you explain their dynamics?

Preeti and Pashmina's extraordinary relationship goes beyond the conventional mother-daughter dynamic, resembling a deep sisterly connection. Preeti has consistently been a guiding light in Pashmina's life, providing care, friendship, and support. This unique dynamic has instilled in Pashmina a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence that she carries with her on her own journey. Their bond is a beautiful example of how solid and loving relationships can shape and empower individuals to face life's challenges with grace and resilience.

 The show is set in the beautiful Kashmir Valley, the epitome of romance. How does the place make the story more interesting, and how does it affect Preeti's journey?

Kashmir's captivating beauty doesn't merely serve as a scenic backdrop but weaves its way into the very heart of the narrative, enhancing the story's romance and charm. Throughout Preeti's life journey, Kashmir becomes more than just a location; it becomes an influence on her experiences and choices. In many ways, Kashmir evolves into an essential character in its own right, shaping the destiny and relationship of the people in the show. 

Are you excited to watch the show? 

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