Gaurav Sareen from 'Krishna Chali..' EXPOSES a man doing the SICK act of KILLING a bear

Just where is humanity headed...


At times, on social media, you may come, actor, some of the most disgusting and sickening acts that defy the sense and meaning of humanity in its true sense.

From raping little girls to killing animals, all of it seems that it indeed is a pathetic world to live in otherwise. Actor Gaurav Sareen, who plays the leading role of Radha in Star Plus' Krishna Chali London came across something similar recently and decided to expose the man for the same.

He witnessed how a man killed a bear and was, in fact, flaunting the same on his social media account. Not only that, upon Gaurav posting about it, he thanked Gaurav for making him famous-

As sick and pathetic as it gets!
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