Gaurav Khanna to perform Salsa

He is all set to groove in Santaan with Neha... Read further to know more...

The handsome lad, Gaurav Khanna is all set for the conclusion of his show Santaan on Star Plus, who will be seen grooving on the moves of Salsa in the show.

"Salsa dancing is a part of the story. It was difficult but we thoroughly enjoyed performing it," says Gaurav Khanna.

Talking on the story track he further adds that, "Again there is a dancing competition and I and Neha take part in it. I learn the dance form and then teach Neha and we both come out with flying colors in the end."

Gaurav has already performed Salsa dance in one of the reality shows. "Yes that was a good experience, I enjoyed that too. Even in the show we will be wearing the attire that is needed for this particular form of dance which is more interesting," he quips.

So viewers, are you ready to tango with Shubh and Neha, as they conclude the show with their outstanding performance??

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (8)

Love u sooo much Gaurav ur truly the bestest ever

12 years ago

I enjoyed Shubh-Neha dance performance. With Santaan ending hope to see Gaurav is some new show soon!!

14 years ago

i lovee himm, he is soo hottt, he is mineee jkk lolzzz, he was great in mere doli tere agnana, but letss seee, best of luck to himmm

14 years ago

awsum! its gud 2 c mre gaurav again! :D i wonder if hell mke an appearnce in kumkum as sharman when kumkum ends..hmm i just h8 da fct dat kumkum is ending! anwyz best of luck 2 gaurav! :D

14 years ago

good Gaurav love u see him doing salsa go ahead win the dance show & get ur Neha back we all want 2 see u back with Neha

14 years ago

OMG Gaurav my jaanu doing salsa..ufffff that is gonne be one hot performance..omg definetly gonne watch u Gaurav...

14 years ago

:''(........ I dont want santaan to stop!!!

14 years ago

sounds like a lot of fun!


14 years ago

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