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Gaurav Arora on Asur: Arshad Warsi has been my best Co-Actor Till Date!

In an exclusive conversation with Gaurav Arora, he spoke to us about his experience working in the series Asur, Journey from Ahan to Kesar, working with Arshad Warsi, exploring the digital space and much more…


Actor Gaurav Arora who was recently seen essaying the role of Kesar Bharadwaj has been gathering positive response for his performance in the series. He was seen in a completely different Avtaar in the show and we got in touch with him to know more about his experience and role while working in the show. 

In an exclusive conversation with Gaurav Arora, he spoke to us about his experience working in the series Asur, Journey from Ahan to Kesar, working with Arshad Warsi, exploring the digital space and much more…

You have been receiving such great response for your performance in Asur, so how was the experience working in the series?

It’s been a good experience. I remember the first day I met the producer, he was telling about the project and he just narrated the first five minutes of the show and it sounded so good to me. I said listen I’m doing this and he said that your character has not yet come. But for me it's very Novelish, it’s very Dan Brown and Ashwin Sanghi space. So my only thing while we were shooting is that on paper it was really good but now that I have seen the final product, it’s come out as good as well. The feedback has been just what I expected, it’s very heartwarming at the moment. 

What’s the one thing which compelled you to take up this project instantly?

For the longest time, I have been meaning to play a character with a grey shade and it’s written very well. Grey shades can go either way but what I felt was that it was written very well. It’s not like a typical villain sort of character, it’s cool, very chilled out, so I felt that it adds to the story of the show. 

From Broken but Beautiful to Asur, they are two very contrasting characters, so how’s the journey been?

I had actually signed Asur first and I had finished shooting for this before Broken happened. So when broken actually came to me, I was like this is going to be good for an actor, playing a boy next door, a love story. So it’s been really nice but then while you’re doing a project, while you’re acting, at that point of time it’s just that project. You as an actor don’t draw any comparisons, all of that happens I think before you sign it but once you’re into it, I think for broken it was just Ahan and for Asur it was just Kesar. For any actor it’s a good opportunity to be playing such characters. 

In Asur you worked with such a stellar cast, so what’s the one thing which you learnt from them or will take back from the series?

I have worked with so many actors till date but Arshad Warsi, most of my scenes are with him. So I felt that he’s been my best co-actor till date. He is one guy that I have really learnt a lot from because what I learnt from him was the approach to the character, how he does it, it’s very interesting. It’s a fine balance of not over preparing but still taking it seriously and being in the moment once the director says action. This is what I learnt from him, I mean he has a phenomenal body of work but when you’re actually doing a scene, that is when you learn. 

Now, you’ve done such great work in Web series and films, would you like to take a step in Television as well?

Reality shows are not my thing, for me I really enjoy the craft of it. I have been just working on my  craft even before I got the series and after that as well. For me, it’s the just the beginning I feel, just keep working on yourself as an actor. There is nothing against TV but at the moment I feel, web has given very good space to all the creative people, from directors to writers, to actors, to all the technicians. So I think I might as well explore this and If I get a good opportunity in terms of films, of course why not. 

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, the shoots are on halt so what is your take on that? What are the precautionary measures that you have undertaken?

This is the need of the hour, we have to do it. It’s not something that we choose to do but we have to do it. Safety is first and this is very scary, you never know where this will go. Everyone should take care of themselves and I think that’s the best way to work on it. 


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