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Gaurav and Mouni still going strong...

Gaurav and Mouni, one of the contestants of NDTV Imagine’s Pati Patni Aur Woh clear the air regarding rumors that state they have called it quits.

Published: Friday,Sep 25, 2009 16:58 PM GMT-06:00
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After the news of Rakhi apparently ending her relationship with Elesh made headlines, the latest news going around in media circles is that even another couple of NDTV Imagine's upcoming show Pati Patni aur Woh, Gaurav Chopra and Mouni Roy have separated from each other.

Gaurav and Mouni still going strong...
As per a tabloid report, Gaurav and Mouni cannot see eye to eye now, and want to part. The reason stated was Gaurav's continued relationship of sorts with ex-girl friend Narayani Shastri. It was also reported that Gaurav and Mouni were always seen fighting over trivial matters when they were shooting for the Imagine show in Goa.

Telly Buzz spoke to Gaurav Chopra who simply trashed the news. He said, "The news is totally baseless. Mouni and I are very much together. It's all rumors which are being spread to create hype about the show. But I personally feel the show can do well without it, as it has the capacity to get good TRPs."

Gaurav further adds, "When I first heard about the concept of the show, I thought this is different. I thought about all the fun time that I'll get to have with Mouni along with the innocent children. I was genuinely interested because of the sweet emotions involved in the show. Once again, I genuinely feel that such a show does not need such fake publicity and the thing about me and Mouni parting ways is baseless!"

We also contacted Mouni who says, "It's all rubbish. That's all I can say."

Explaining the need to spread such a rumor and the one which stated that she is 'insecure about Narayani', Mouni states, "I've done Masters in Communication, so I understand this is all the ploy of the production house people to generate interest among the audience. Although it beats me why I would have such a reaction towards Narayani!"

Well, did we just hear it due to the X-Factor?

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Yusra (or you can call me Hope as a nickname) @LightingHope 14 years ago this is thier life .let them enjoy.I like mourni she is very bubbly and cute.
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Jenni @prettyasjen 14 years ago Oh well atleast they admitted tht the channel does this for publicity, mayb ppl will see the Karan article in a different light now!
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Sana A Sarwar @abd_20 14 years ago i really adore the baby that the couple is taking care cutie i wish i could just go and steal the baby he is so rollooo polooo
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nedarocks @nedarocks 14 years ago i don understand gaurav-mouni or gaurav-narayani??????
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hilmic @hilmic 14 years ago MOUNI , u deseved better, He is a match for NARAYANI., NOT FOR UUUU...
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Asm @Angel-A 14 years ago i dnt like dis couple..
no offence to da fanz..
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Trupti @TonsOfWishes 14 years ago Guys its their life....
and celebrities are human beings like us.... they may patch up or break up.... thats their personal choice....
also like many celebrites/non-celebrities say LOOKS DO NOT MATTER.... infact , i'd both are good looking....

as of how they r personally, most of the celebrities may be irritating so we can NEVER point fingers at mouni or gaurav saying they are irritating

inface, whoever has seen Nach Baliye will see how introvert n mentally strong, Gaurav n Narayani were.....
Truly respect GAURAV.... HE IS A GOOD PERSON frm what i hav seen of him in interviews and all

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Mistyy @Mistyy 14 years ago wow i didnt even know Guarav and Narayani broke up, when did that happen?? Plus Mauni looks a lot like narayani,,,it's weird!
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d.y. @d.y. 14 years ago agree wid nitzzzy mouni can find herself someone better than him anyday
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Navi @Nitzzzy 14 years ago has he looked at himself inthe mirrior. such a ugly pair!!!!! dood seriously get yourself a life and let mouni be happy with someone who is capable to stand tith her!@ such a moron and bloody fool as the old ones say it!!!! oh yeah he looks like shi* ion that pic and any other pic he will have with mouni! and mouni how can u stand omeone so ugly next to you!! like literly i'm disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS COUPLE SUCKS!!!!!1
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