'Fukrey 3' leak takes a comedic turn: Excel Entertainment's stand against piracy

The film 'Fukrey 3' has been leaked online and is currently trending on Twitter.

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Excel Entertainment's highly anticipated film 'Fukrey 3' is set to release on September 28, 2023. However, there has been a recent development: the film has been leaked online and is currently trending on Twitter. Despite this setback, the promotions for the film are in full swing, and the advance booking numbers are impressive. 

The comedy entertainer's online leak on Torrent, Telegram and other piracy sites has saddened fans of the franchise. However, it has also caused a storm on social media with the ongoing trend #Fukrey3Leaked. Adding another twist to the case, actor Ali Fazal, who was part of previous franchises, shared the film's YouTube link on his social media platform, along with a caption.

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"FUKREY 3 LEAKED! #Fukrey3Leaked" The leaked movie on social media is not just a coincidence, but a deliberate and clever tool used by the makers to raise awareness about the grave threat of piracy in the entertainment sector. What makes it even more intriguing is the role reversal of the actors, adding a layer of confusion for the audience. 

Through this unique approach, the makers also manage to take a subtle dig at those who encourage and indulge in piracy. 'Fukrey 3', a delightful comedy entertainer, is meant to be experienced on the grandeur of the big screens. By orchestrating this unexpected release, the makers have ingeniously crafted a move that is bound to bring joy to everyone. Not only does it capture attention, but it also serves as a powerful promotion to combat piracy and protect the hard work and creativity of the film industry.

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