Friends turn foe on Dancing Queen..

The latest eviction on the show of Mink-Ada has lots of drama in store for the audience this weekend...

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A short time ago, the bubbly and vivacious Mink found a perfect prodigy in Ada, an aspiring air hostess from Baroda. When she set foot on COLORS' Dancing Queen, Ada discovered that dancing is what she loved to do. But now after eviction, things have changed as the friends turned foes.

"Mink was thrilled to get Ada as her partner. Everything between them was perfect and together they were like a house on fire. Their friendship and bonding was the topic of discussion amongst their peers and everyone envied their grouping," says the khabroo.

Things turned to be sour when their names were announced for eviction. "Ada blamed Mink for their ouster. It is to be said that the duo had problems with each other since long and the production had to come in between to handle the situation," adds the source.

Ada and Mink are happy that they don't have to be together anymore. "In an interview Ada said that she is not happy to leave the stage, but on the other side she does not need to bear this torture from her mentor. She also quips that it was Mink's mistake as she never listened to her and always dominated," concludes the source.

A series of accusations as well as exchange of verbal scrap comes to surface post their performance this week. Mink accuses Ada of disrespect and being a hypocrite, while Ada describes Mink's attitude and mannerisms as being the biggest reason for their squabbling.

Ada goes on further to add that Mink is highly unprofessional and doesn't deserve to be a mentor. She even accuses Mink's brother of ill-treatment during rehearsals which infuriates Mink to no limits and both of them almost come to blows. Taking stock of the situation, the judges Jeetendra and Hema intervene right in time and try to pacify the duo before it turns ugly.

So viewers get ready for some cat fights on small screen as the reality show turns real with the much-needed masala….

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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A grammar check should be done before putting up an article.

Here''s a sample......she does not need to bare this torture from her mentor

15 years ago

this show is sooo retarded...i hate it soo much...none of these dumb chicks can dance!!!!!!ahhhhh

15 years ago

i cnat really stand any of these girls
except for anita..

15 years ago

All the more reasons to watch the show haha.

15 years ago

ohhh...CAT FIGHT huh..???? lol...thanx..!!

15 years ago

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