Former crime journalist Jigna Vora opens up on telling her story to a wider audience through Bigg Boss 17

Jigna Vora, a former crime journalist acquitted in a high-profile murder case, in an exclusive conversation with India Forums speaks about aiming to share her story with a broader audience. She expresses excitement and a positive mindset for the reality show, focusing on compassionate and energetic participation.

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Jigna Vora

Jigna Vora, currently making waves in Colors TV's Bigg Boss 17 had a significant past in the spotlight over a decade ago. The former prominent crime journalist faced arrest in connection with the murder of investigative journalist J Dey but was later acquitted in 2018. Her life story was portrayed in a Netflix series called 'Scoop.'

Before her entry into Bigg Boss, Jigna, in an exclusive conversation with India Forums, shared her excitement for the show and how she believes it will provide a platform to share her story with a wider audience.

Congratulations on participating in Bigg Boss 17. How excited are you for this new journey?

 I'm extremely excited and fully charged for the show. I approach it with a positive attitude and an optimistic mindset.

Your life has been in the spotlight for some years now. "Scoop" allowed you to reach a broader audience. Do you think "Bigg Boss" will serve a similar purpose?

Yes, I believe it will allow me to share my story with a larger audience.


Have you followed previous seasons of the show? Are there any past contestants or their journeys that you admire?

I haven't particularly admired anyone. I have indeed followed previous seasons, but each season has its unique theme and contestants. So, I anticipate that this season will also bring something distinct. Therefore, I don't believe I can compare my journey to anyone else's.

What do you anticipate will be the most challenging aspect of surviving in the show?

To be honest, I haven't dwelled on that thought. Overthinking will not serve me well. My intention is to enter the show with a positive attitude. I want to get to know my fellow contestants and build positive connections. As a tarot card reader and healer, I believe in the power of energies. Thus, I aim to maintain a positive and compassionate approach on the show, refraining from reactive behavior.


In that case, what do your tarot cards reveal about your journey in the show?

(Laughs) Well, I can't read my own cards because I would have the thought of winning in the back of my mind. So, I don't think the cards would provide an accurate response in that scenario.


This season will also feature couples. In previous seasons, some contestants have suggested that entering as a pair offers advantages. What are your thoughts on this?

I don't think so. The show's creators have likely put thought into the theme for this season. While it's true that couples will have the comfort of knowing their partners are there, the season is bound to bring its own unique dynamics.

What are your thoughts on Jigna's stint in the show? Let us know in the comments below. 

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