Forced marriage on COLORS...

Shreya Creations' new show on COLORS, Reet will depict a custom followed in Bihar, where the boy is forced to get married to the girl at gun point...

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After saas-bahu and children centric stories, forced marriage seems to be another new trend catching the attention of audiences. Shreya Creations and COLORS join together for a new show, which is tentatively titled Reet, which is slated to start in February.

“The story is based on an arranged marriage which is very different. It’s going to be a family drama and the background will be of U.P and Bihar,” says Sheel Kumar of Shreya Creations.

If the buzz is to be believed, the show which was earlier slotted for the newly emerging afternoon band of COLORS will now be seen in a prime time slot. “Well, the talks are on and there is a possibility of it coming in prime time, but nothing has been finalized yet. The show will go on floors from the 25th of December. We will be shooting in U.P and Bihar, but also have sets in Mumbai,” Sheel adds further.

However, our khabroo from the production house narrates about the unique concept of the show. “The story of the show is based on a terrifying custom followed in the North even today especially in places like Bihar, wherein the bride's parents get their daughter married to a worthy guy in the community, keeping the boy at gun point. This ghastly act by the brides' parents is carried out due to frustration, because they cannot afford to get their daughter wedded in a good family, as they can't meet the high demands put up by boys as dowry”.

The reet of dowry has been in this country since long. Let's see what this show has to offer us now!!!

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (11)

does that really hapen....if so its one of the most disgusting and disgraceful custom

15 years ago

interesting...never knew that actually happened

15 years ago

Interesting......... waiting to watch that show... Thank for update

15 years ago

did not kno they did that by whoa!
cant they divorce after the marriage lol?

15 years ago

Can the channel do no wrong! Though I incorrectly assumed, the girl would be forced into marriage, seems like an interesting concept.

15 years ago

that''s surprising! i thought this stopped ages ago in india but i guess it hasn''t!

15 years ago

wow... didn''t realize these kinds of things still happen in India!


15 years ago

this happens a lot... i''ve read such stories in Asian Women magazine

15 years ago

Man I though it was only girls it happened 2, but even boys.

15 years ago

although its a very different concept but the same type of maarriage has been showed in ghar ek sapna the sahara one''s show but here the marriage will be the total interaction of the show......thanks for the article

15 years ago

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