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'Fitness and body shape are two sides of a coin' - Shubangi Atre

The very elegant and beautiful Shubangi Atre aka Kasturi speaks about the importance of keeping fit.

Published: Sunday,Apr 20, 2008 09:42 AM GMT-06:00
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Fitness and body shape are two sides of a coin - Shubangi Atre
Fitness and body shape are two sides of a coin - Shubangi Atre
Are you a fitness freak?
Of course I am a fitness freak, but I don’t work out because of the hectic schedule I have. Even then, I make sure that I have a strict diet control and whenever I get time, instead of a workout I practice on my dance. I am a classically trained dancer, so dancing helps me to remain fit.

Do you follow any particular fitness regime?
No as we people don’t get time to follow a particular fitness regime, I only concentrate on my diet and my dance practice. However, I diligently consume luke warm water with honey as soon as I get up and see to it that I take in sprout and curd in my afternoon diet.

Do you think proper diet is the right way to remain fit?
Yes, I do believe in that. I have light food whenever I am out for my shoot, and usually end my day with chapati, sabzi and dal at dinner.

What is the importance of fitness according to you?
It’s very important to keep your body going, that too when you are put to so much of hectic schedule. I believe that body is a machine and if we take proper care, it will help in the long run. We cannot be careless in this regard at all.

Do you idolize anyone in the media fraternity when it comes to good physique?
Yes, I do I idolize Hema Malini; she is very gorgeous at this age also. She has maintained herself very well; when I saw her in Bhaagban, I was completely thrilled to see her in great shape.

Do you equate fitness with a good shape of the body?
Yes I think both are the two sides of a coin. Only if you are fit will you be able to maintain a good figure. Otherwise, you will be completely out of shape.

Any special tip you would like to share with our readers to help them lead a healthy lifestyle?
Concentrate on diet and do yoga especially pranayam. Yoga helps you a lot and yoga is a healthy attribute which is the gift given by our culture, so we should follow that. It helps us remain fit and fine both physically and mentally.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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anjali @sesiaswe 15 years ago cooool.... i m looking forward to her movies...
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sharu @wackysharu 15 years ago seriuosly... doesnt looks like a mother of a child... seh is really cute...
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Abdul Rahman Ansari @ar78655 15 years ago Great interview of shubangi didi I Love the thing that she know so much about the fitness
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Lipsha @lipshaa 15 years ago thanx 4 it...
her daughter is very cute(SBS)..
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Sana @sana_sugarbun 15 years ago woowww she looks so nice and pretty here.. mann she doesn't look as if she has a daughterr...she looks so fit..i always wanted to know her fitness secret:P thanxxx
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rishani @andriya 15 years ago Great,luv her in kasturi!!!!!
Nice article,thanks!!!
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Omlet @Omlet 15 years ago she has a baby.nooooooooooooo i thought i'll marry her. :(:(
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mimi0295 @mimi0295 15 years ago Aww! She is too cute! I love SA... she is like an idol too me. And she has only 1 child. Ashi :)
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JK Dhillon @Angelic_J 15 years ago I think she only has one daughter not two babies :)
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someandme @someandme 15 years ago thanx ..she looks really good..sometimes it's hard to believe she is a mother of 2 baby ....
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