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Let's see what the new show on COLORS, Uttaran has to offer to the viewers...

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Uttaran, the latest offering from COLORS is another show centered around a child and her journey in this hard and cruel world. The show reminds you of Malgudi days where sets are not made to look nice and beautiful, but realistic. You can also feel the influence of movies such as TZP, and Blue Umbrella too when you see Ichcha running with her pink umbrella. They have paid attention to every minute detail possible, from Ichcha’s slippers to her clothes and the title song lyrics too which goes as..

Nanhe nanhe se hathon main gudiya purani..

Kismat toh jais inke koi ruthi nani..

Kiska ka sapna hai jeevan kiska jeevan hai uttran..

Kiske ke utare sapnon se saje kiska bachpan..

Woh nahin samjhe abhi kya hoti hai uttran

A renaissance in television shows and viewing!

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Story: Uttaran is the story of a girl named Ichcha who is born in the slums of Mumbai and desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. Ichcha has big dreams and aspirations – to fulfill these and to provide her with a better livelihood, her mother takes up a job of a maid at a rich household. What awaits her there is for us to see and experience.

Actors: All the actors involved are doing a great job as they suit their roles to the T. Iccha the girl is very sweet and an actor far more matured than her age, and does everything very diligently. Well, one could see the influence of Darsheel Safari of Taare Zameen Par while selecting Ichcha. The fabuolus dialogue delivery of the girl can give any seasoned TV actor a run for their money. All the kids are doing their job fantastically well. There is a very thin line between commercial success and creative satisfaction. This show is a fine example as how to maintain the equilibrium and then ride on the success .Vaishali Thakkar in the role of Damini is doing her part marvelously well too. The pain in  her eyes to meet up with her daughter's demands  is vividly seen in her eyes. They both want to make their kismat or destiny in this world with innocence and hard work.

Writers and Creatives are very smart and intelligent. They know now that the audience wants something different and they are capitalizing on this. After the saas bahu sagas and the never-ending reality shows, Uttaran is going to set a new bench mark and new heights to conquer.

Set and Ambience: Fabulous is the word for everything associated with this show, from the small hut of Ichcha and her mother to the wire which they use as lock, the bed, pillow cover with patch over it etc. Sewing machine and the other little things found in the house seem very realisitic. However,  there is a small confusion about the exterior of Jogi Thakur hawali, as it looks different from one angle  and could confuse audience. The traffic light is nice as well, so as the Slum  where they live.

The background score is great too and not to forget the ever complimenting dialogues. Everything is of high standard in this show and this will be an example which people will follow if they want to venture out in same genre .They  have a Herculean task to better this show and its creative genius.

We just wish that makers show Ichcha and her aspirations coming true. Then it will give a new hope to the underprivileged and deprived strata of our society too...

Soap Ratings : This show gets 4 soaps from Tellybuzz  .

*1 Soap Stinky one ,1-12/soaps -somewhere in between, 2 Soaps Slippery with no fragrance ,2,1/2 :with little fragrance,3 Soaps sandal wood with rose petals , 4 Soaps must use/watch

Concept: Nishtha
Author: Nishtha

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Comments (13)


par utran ke baare mein to aaj tak dhyaan hi nahi gaya!!!

really great concept!!!!!!!!

may god n public bless this serial.

15 years ago

Current track reminds one of the movie Life is Beautiful. A nice effort though:)

15 years ago

Very well written article!

And I completely agree! This is a show unlike any seen on TV since a long time! I hope it harks a new revolution of well made thought provoking shows! The actors are all just fantastic!

15 years ago

its a g8t show...d next big thing on tv after balika vadhu

15 years ago

About time there was a show like this. Seems interesting watching a lil girl growing up......:D

are there online videos coz I don''t get the channel *runs to check like a gadheri* HAHA

nice article Nish..i like the adjectives you used in this :D keep it up

15 years ago

The title song is very touching & the concept is real & hope touching everyone. Sparsh who played Ichcha is excellent, if we can have some information about her, contact no etc..........
We all can hope after watching this serial, the underprivilaged children can hope many things from their live & us, we all should stand up for this novel cause

15 years ago

aww, the concept sounds great, wish i had the time to watch it!

15 years ago

i agree wid the rocks

15 years ago

This is really a fantastic show..very touching storing line and the girl Sparsh has potrayed her character very well as Ichcha..

m loving this serial.
nice report

15 years ago

sounds good , all the best to the team ^^

15 years ago

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