First guy knocked out of Perfect Bride..

Priyanka Sharma decides on the first guy to be eliminated from Star Plus' Perfect Bride..

The moment finally arrived when Priyanka Sharma chose the eligible bachelor who has to move out of contention of getting a 'Perfect Bride' for himself, at least thro' the show on Star Plus!!!

According to our source, "Priyanka Sharma who bagged the tag of being the 'Perfect Bride' for the third consecutive time, was given an option to come out with names of two boys who she would like to place in the danger zone. And to everyone's surprise, she chose Hitesh Chauhan and Gaurav Narang as the unlucky ones".

Now it had to be decided whether it was Hitesh or Gaurav who would get eliminated from Perfect Bride. "And the onus of saving one guy went to Pooja. Pooja had won a particular task last week which gave her the Veto power to save a guy from going out. And obviously, Pooja gave a fitting reply to the love showered on her by Hitesh, and saved him, thus eliminating Gaurav along with his mom from the competition".

Well, with Gaurav going out, we are left with just four male contestants now..

Tune in to Star Plus' Perfect Bride tonight at 10 PM to watch the elimination..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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Comments (20)

hitesh is not really nice person, he need to be eliminated as soon as possible.
i could not sleep last night bcoz of Gaurav.
Perfect bride last there Perfection

14 years ago

None of the gals are gonna get married lol

14 years ago

agree with Afreen...i respect Pri's decision & she has full right to chose her groom...

14 years ago

Rajbir is soo stuff.. how can all girls dir for him.. I dont like one bit.. I think others are better.. nd hItesh shd get rid of his mole on his cheek.. Thats sad thou.. he was not the most talkative type I gues.s.

14 years ago


but he was kind of sweet! haha! but perfect bride is kinda all abt flirting! haha to gets the girls to like u! and he is to innocent 4 that!

14 years ago

I bet Rajbir will not marry anyone, he is there just to have fun.

14 years ago

thanks...gaurav was anyway acting like a cofused git......hitesh is saved das cute!!!

14 years ago

Priyanka and her sister think they are the greatest. Eventually Priyanka will lose Rajbir. Rumpa will hate her. Pooja will also feel envious. And Hitesh's mummy will become dissatisfied. Frankly I feel Pooja should go for a guy like Vivek or Gaurav.Rajbir is trying to please everyone and he is not sure about anything. Hitesh is the typical angry young man followed by Yashdeep. Pooja is very attractive along with Priyanka. Pooja is more flexible and more mature. Kuldeep is also quite beautiful and all the other girls are good in their own way. The boys are not that serious with the exception of Rajbir. Even the girls dont care about any of those boys that much. If it is not one, there is always some other. The only deserving winner who is winning the best mother tag everytime is Rajbir's mother and she is more fond of the sparkling Pooja.

14 years ago

she is not dump...everybody likes someone but one has to go and she has to take decision...see her truely effect she told everything about hitesh infact there is no see also her thinking that she showed

14 years ago

man! im missing him soo much already! he was the only decent guy other than Vivek!!
poor Rumpa!! </3

14 years ago

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