Fear Files on The Sets of Mushkil - Fear Behind You!

When asked if he ever had any supernatural encounters, Rajiv S Ruia, director, Mushkil- Fear Behind You, recounted an incident...

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Director Rajiv S Ruia may be directing another horror movie in his almost two decade long career, but the fear of the unexplained has already crept up on his back. 

When asked if he ever had any supernatural encounters, he recounts an incident from the sets of Mushkil – Fear Behind You. “Yes, right here on the sets of Mushkil, we had one!” Rajniesh Duggall nods as he continues, “We were shooting at the Ramgarh Fort in Benares, and our hairdresser Zoya was present. One moment she was clicking selfies, and the next she was possessed, hiding under the bed and not allowing anyone close.” 

Rajiv S Ruia narrates, “It took five strong men to drag her out and take her to a temple. All that needed to be done to get the spirit out of her was being done, when she spoke in a deep male voice – ‘I am a King, and I want you to come with me,’ she said. We were all shocked!”

“Next morning, everything went back to normal, with no hint of what had happened earlier. The episode ended as abruptly as it had begun,” Rajiv S Ruia avers.

If this happened on the sets, what must be happening within the movie Mushkil – Fear Behind You? Go find it out for yourself at a theatre near you on 9th August!

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