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Favorites of Kartik aka Faisal Raza Khan!

To grace our Weekly column Pasand Apni Apni we have with us the very Friendly,the very Stylist and Debonair Faisal Raza Khan,check out his "Pasands" !

Its a time of a week again when we dig out the favorites of a star. This time we have one Baddie of Small screen, who has given life to roles such as Kartik of Dulhan and Shakti of Sollah Singaar and made people hate him onscreen with his acting skills. But this 'baddie' of small screen is very sweet,humble and full of Humour in real life. So put your hands together and welcome the Delhi Dude Faisal Raza Khan on the throne of Pasand Apni Apni and see what are his choices!
Favortie website: www.google.com

Favorite Juice:  Mango

Favorite Passtime: Chatting on net

Favorite candy : nothing particular,not a candy person

Favorite memory: When I got my first pay cheque. It was of more than a lakh!

Favorite Restaurant:  Karim's Delhi

Favorite Brand : United colors of Benetton

Favorite smell : Issey Miyake

Favorite car : Honda Civic

Favorite newspaper: Times of India

Favorite book : The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Special message for his Fans at I-F : Please Show some sympathy for villians as well. They are not that bad!!
We believe you Faisal ! Hope you all have noted down his favorites,so untill next time keep looking this place for more hot,juicy and happening Favorites of a Star!
Reporter : Nishtha
Author : Nishtha
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Faisal Raza Khan Dulhan 

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Shabz_2k8 2008-04-09T04:30:23Z I think your shows are fantastic even though your a villain. I think you look cute any how........ :p
**sanya** 2007-08-18T07:40:36Z ou kwl

plz kum bk in banoo main teri dulhan
THiNKiN OF YOU 2007-08-17T09:49:45Z aweseme!!
hes a khan!
no wonder hes so hott!
Rime 2007-08-14T10:05:12Z Special message for his Fans at I-F : Please Show some sympathy for villians as well. They are not that bad!!

Chippeshwini 2007-08-14T03:59:56Z The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari... I started readng that but couldn't finish it :(
shaz81 2007-08-13T15:37:40Z Nina jaanu you lucky girl and my souten Radha he seems nice !!!!!!
Yuvika_15 2007-08-13T09:50:55Z hehe liked his message to the fanz...lol...bechara always plays a villian....
-Jwalamukhi- 2007-08-13T09:48:28Z Loved the message he gave to his fans...I am one of them.
Khushix29 2007-08-13T06:44:38Z oh gr8!...lol...luv d mesage 2 his fans! haha.....
Nusheen 2007-08-13T01:20:58Z well i used to hate him but i think he is good boy , wish him good luck in his carrer.
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