Farah Khan's cameo in Ghar Ki Baat Hai...

The director is all set to tickle your funny bones with her humour in the show on NDTV Imagine...

After Shreyas Talpade and Juhi Chawla, it is the turn of SRK's best buddy and Director Farah Khan to make her presence felt in Red Chillies Idiot Box show on NDTV Imagine, Ghar Ki Baat Hai…
"She plays herself in the show like other celebrities, and will be seen as a Director. The only difference here is that she has come as a director in an ad agency", says Bhavana Sresth, Creative Director.

Elaborating on her role the creative director adds, "She is in the office to take the interview of Kaku (Swapnil Joshi). During the interview she gives him bit of gyan about ad film making".

Besides this, Ali Asgar is also donning a new avatar in the show. "He is playing the ad guru Prahlad Kakkar, and he sits with Farah and discusses about Kaku. It was real fun shooting with Farah", she chirps.

Talking about the celebrity cameos that have been a norm now in the show, Bhavana states, "There are many more to come in future episodes".

So let's watch the dhamaal episode with Farah Khan tickling the funny bones this Friday on Ghar Ki Baat Hai!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (5)

Awww..No guys
I love this showIt''s so funny
Just started in England and its absolutely hilarious
I love the fact the story revolves around very few characters..

14 years ago

LOLZ..im sre evry1 knos daat dere will b camoes all da tym..heheh after all its an SRK show n has 2 b star dazzled...lolz..oh cum on..anywyz...luking fwd 2 sum alffter....dnt wtch da sho but will chk out ali asgar as guru! :P

15 years ago

thanks for sharing
looks liek SRK is gonna get whole of his frnds in this show

loved Juhi last week

15 years ago

lol SRK is tryin to get as many cameo''s as possible for this flop show!

15 years ago

@luv-rkb:If you don''t like Farah that doesn''t give you rights to use offensive words for her!!

15 years ago

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