'Fake n Real' elimination in Bigg Boss

This time on Colors' Bigg Boss, there's a real and fake elimination!

Surprises in Bigg Boss House is common. Friday elimination is usual in the house but this time two inmates who were out of the house.

According to our source, "Claudia Ciesla is out of the house. Apparently, Big Boss also made another announcement simultaneously that Vindoo has been eliminated. However, here is the twist. The contestants are unaware but Vindoo Dara Singh has not been officially eliminated. Instead he has been sent to the secret room just as it had happened with Raja Choudhary in that last season."

It so happens, Vindoo now gets to play god. Says our source, "Vindoo has been given the privilege of watching all the happenings of the Bigg Boss house. The real fun would be when any contestant bad mouths Vindoo, thinking they would never have to face him in the house again!"

After Kamal's wildcard entry this is another bomb that Bigg Boss has thrown in the house to make the game more interesting

Reporter:Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Claudia Ciesla

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Vindoo Dara Singh

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Bigg Boss Season 3

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Comments (18)

I just want to know when will Mr Pravesh Rana go out of the house as he announced in the national television that if last weeks elimination, if Vindoo Dara Singh was not eliminated then he would volunteerly go out of the house as he won't stay with such a low graded person.

14 years ago

Vindoo does not hav any respect 4 girls so he is da worst contestent ever in big boss.. he iz really an ill mannered guy nd does not know how to talk with anybody aur jab woh bolta hai to chup honay ka naam hi nai leta.. lolz nd those who r supporting nd voting him.. shame shame on u guyz..
Pata nahi logoon ko aqal kab ayegi.. lolz..

14 years ago

yeppieee tat claudia is outttttttttttt yayyyyyyyyyy

14 years ago

vindoo iz da worst contestent again.. lolz..

14 years ago

I think Vindoo does most of the bitching and i think Aditi should have been sent to the secret room.... i dont agree with their choice of Vindoo..... I just hope BI doesnt say anything to irritate him.........

14 years ago

Again the channel is favoring vindoo, this is another sign of him to become the winner. I was expecting poonam to go. I dislike vindoo, but knew that he will be kept by the channel for entertainment.

14 years ago

SO HAAY THEIRRITATING LADY IS OUT waiting for the fun . vindoo it will great to see him in secret rrom and pravesh bad mouthing him

14 years ago

Claudia's out? nice!

but lol, the Vindoo thing will be fun :P

14 years ago

finally Claudia is out of the house. was so bored by seeing too much of her.

14 years ago

Good dat Claudia is ...next elimination should b Pravesh ..!!

14 years ago

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