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Faisal Responds to Muskaan's Allegations of Infidelity in Relationship

The duo has officially had quite an ugly public breakup.


Just when it seemed like everything was rosy and happy in the lives of actors Faisal I Khan and Muskaan Kataria as the young duo fell in love with each other; everything fell apart. Post their unfortunate elimination from Nach Baliye 9 due to Khan's injury, it came as a major shock to the fans when it was announced that the couple has now broken up.

Yes! The fans couldn't soak in that they actually are not together. However, things got a lot more controversial than thought of when there were rumors about the reason for their breakup being Khan apparently cheating on Kataria. A few hours ago, we revealed as to what Kataria had to say on their breakup that included several other things.

And now, Khan has decided to speak up about the whole saga where he mentioned he is shocked that Kataria has accused him of infidelity, especially with his co-star, Sneha Wagh on Chandragupta Maurya. In an interview with Bombay Times, Khan said, "It is true that we were having a lot of fights before 'Nach Baliye', but we hadn’t split then. I wanted to give our relationship a second chance. I was told that reality shows serve as a great platform to know each other better and resolve differences because of the amount of time a couple gets to spend together. Despite a tight schedule leaving me with just an hour for sleep, I took up the reality show to be close to Muskaan. But she would fight with me over petty things and I would often be upset about our increasing quarrels.”

He denied the whole infidelity accusation as he said, "I am shocked that Muskaan has accused me of infidelity. I have never cheated on her. Why have these accusations surfaced only after I had to bow out of the dance reality show owing to my injury? She acted all mushy, romantic and was sitting on my lap till the time I was performing on the show. Sneha and I are thick friends and there is nothing more to it. In fact, Sneha and my other co-actor Tarun Khanna helped me come out of my difficult phase.”

Kataria mentioned in her revelation that she was depressed upon learning Khan's apparent cheating. To this, he said, "Just 15 days mein depression gaayab hone wala tareeka koi mujhe bhi bata de. Look at my state and you will know what it is like to be depressed. I can’t move and have been advised bed rest for three months. I won’t be able to dance the way I used to for another two years. Only a person who has danced all his life will know what I am going through. I am confined to my bed and the sofa where I sit to stretch my legs. If she claims to be in depression, how can she post ‘happy’ pictures on social media?”

Khan also revealed that his relationship with Kataria was a huge mistake as he said, "I feel she was with me for the limelight. She has been the biggest mistake of my life and aaj main apne maa baap se nazar nahi mila paata hoon. I don’t want to date anyone and I am scared of falling in love again. I have learned that one must know the person thoroughly before getting into a serious relationship. I think I fell in love with the wrong person,”

What do you think about this whole saga? Leave in your comments below.

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Cshafkat 3 months ago LOL this is so funny. They're just kids. It's hilarious looking at kids crying about relationships and breakups. When I was their age, I used to cry about not being able to travel enough.
march2011 3 months ago hahaha very funny,the way they were into each other...the girl seems too modern n the boy no comment
CreativeByBirth 3 months ago Hahaha 4 din me baccho ke jhagde shuru kaha so called #FaizAan the😂😂
Stark_Wolf 3 months ago Aww poor Faisal.. I trust him, he seem like a sorted person n that girl a gold digger, she got her two min fame in NB so dumped him..don't give up on love Faisal... Hope u meet ur perfect match n be happy in your life.. Get well soon..
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