Face the Music as Trouble troubles you!!

Sony's Kuchh Is Tara has the newly wed couple Kanya and Ranbir fall into more problems. Get a sniff at the new twist in the tale right here...

Published: Saturday,Jan 26, 2008 09:03 AM GMT-07:00
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‘Expect the unexpected’ and this is the current storyline in Sony’s Kuchh Is Tara, wherein Kanya and Ranbir (played by Dimple Jhangiani and Akashdeep Saigal), the duo who hate the sight of each other are now married and need to pretend before their family that they are a happily married couple. But as the title of the serial states, the side-effects to this marriage are many and the duo tries to make the family realize at every step that this marriage is a total disaster. As and when they try to find ways to break their marriage, the tables get turned as Dadi and Mallika try their best to keep them united.

The viewers will be a witness to some pleasant and funny scenes wherein Kanya and Ranbir are thrown into situations where they are forced to behave like husband and wife who are in love. This is a moment of celebration for the Nanda family who throw in parties and functions…

Another twist in the tale is that there will be a new character Natasha walking into the life of Kanya to ruin her. So who is Natasha? What is her relationship with Kanya and why does she want to harm her? Catch all the new twists and turns in Sony’s Kuchh Is Tara…

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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enary 15 years ago i havn't seen khnk so kind of exited 2 watch KIT
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pinkdiamond 15 years ago It so similar like kya hogan immo ka
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CrazyNoori 15 years ago o m g y does dis feel like khnk hmmm
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loverocks! 15 years ago this show is serious and funny at the same time ! great show .....
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pc84 15 years ago i know this show is very interesting.. i seriously recommend everyoneto watch it.. for ranya (ranbir aur kanya) and also for a very special couple.........

Shanta Tai and Ranbir.. you have to see their interaction.. it is memorial to say the [email protected]!!
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xsimzxchickx 15 years ago man reminds me of KHNK i misss kunal n nimmo when eva i see them to fitin!
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xoxramxox 15 years ago I love this show soooo very much... i cann't wait for next week... amazing show and amazing chemistry loving Rankan<3
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tumhari? 15 years ago i am in love with show and cant wait to se al this thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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prables 15 years ago i am looking forward for next wek for gr8 knaya an dranbir scenes. I am loving this show.
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RosyRosh 15 years ago omg cant wait for the twists and turns for the first time Im awaiting them. Omg I hope that they fall in love that will be sooo cute.!
Thanks soo much for the article!
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