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'Experience of A Lifetime' - Sharad Malhotra

Take a look at an exclusive interview of the very dashing Sharad Malhotra aka Sagar Pratap Singh of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and read his journey from start to fame...

Published: Wednesday,May 09, 2007 09:42 AM GMT-06:00
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We've laughed, cried, and been moved with films such as Black, or Main Aisa Hi Hoon... the actors who portrayed these roles as mentally challenged people have shown us immense talent of completely changing their style to portray their character.

Sharad Malhotra, aka Sagar Pratap Singh of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, can make us all do one more thing - blush! His charismatic smile and cute gestures as the mentally challenged Sagar has won the hearts of many and he continues to wow us with his talent.

The effect of his role has also grown immensely. The name "Sagar" itself has become so popular in every household, as Sharad has not only become a hit with children, but he has created an ultimate fan craze amongst all the girls. His red and black suit, deep, handsome voice, and unforgetful line, "main koi baccha nahin hoon", has made all his blushing queens go absolutely mad! In such a quick time, Sharad has made Sagar become everyone's ideal dream man whom we all vy for so eagerly.. His versatile role and dashing looks make our cheeks turn a deep crimson.. Don't turn into tomatoes now, girls!

So, before you all faint even more, let's get a sneak peek at how Sharad went from almost refusing his role to now winning the hearts of many as Sagar...

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Have you ever met anyone in real life who has the same condition as Saagar does?

Actually the Channel had arranged a visit to a School for Mentally Challenged in , . The idea was to take me to that place, so that I get to know more about such special children. The experience was so overwhelming, I was amazed, I was touched to the core. This trip was an eye-opener for me, as I could see these kids enjoy life without being aware of things happening around them. They were so happy in their own world. Many were really talented, doing all sorts of handicrafts.

People think its very easy for an actor to play such role as you just have to revisit your childhood, is this true?

Trust me, the most difficult thing to do is to go back to your past. It was a tough thing for me to dig out my past, dig out my childhood from my memory. I have a very short lived memory, so it was a tough task for me. I had to sit down, concentrate and think how I was as a kid. But this depends from person to person. Every individual has a way to get back to recollecting the past.

Why do you think people like a guy behave under his age? Are there times when you feel it's just too difficult to act like a little child and have those kinds of mannerisms?

Offscreen, It is the Sympathy value that plays here. Actually when I started playing Saagar, I used to get lots of calls from various places, they used to say, We are extremely sorry for you etc.. So people started to connect to this character of Saagar more because they sympathised with this character a lot.

Onscreen, the honest fact is that I have never tried so hard for this role. This comes naturally; I always go with the flow. At times, it gets tough, but I have such amazing people around me, they always push me to do better as Saagar. My Costars and Directors are really amazing. I am lucky to have such a team with me.

Have you ever felt under pressure in playing this role? . This mentally challenged guy roles have been played by some of great actors of yesteryears. So did you see films like Khilona, Sadma or the latest one Koi Mil Gaya to get the feel of character?

The first time I was offered this role, my knees were trembling and my immediate answer was NO. All were taken aback; all advised me to grab this opportunity, as this will surely be a Dream Debut for me. I was surely nervous to begin with, but I settled down gradually. It was a slow process for sure, but now I can say that I have got into the skin of the character really nicely. Yes, I have watched all the stars like Sanjeevji, Sridevi and Hirthik in those movies. I have also done quite a lot of reading. I have watched films like Forest Gump, Honey I shrunk the Kids, Black. So yes, I have done bit of research before I adorned the role of Saagar.

What are the best compliments you have ever recieved on the role you are portraying?

“Are you really mad?”, this is the question that all started to ask me. When I used to go to Malls and other public places like Movie halls, people never used to come near me. They used to stand at a distance, watch me, and watch my mannerisms. The kids especially, used to be so scared, they would ask me from a distance – “Can I come near you? Will you harm me If I come near?” “Kya Aap muje maroge toh nahi?”, Kya aap meri dost banoge?”, these are the best compliments I have ever received.

Do you think that its easy to get people's, especially women’s sympathy while potraying such a role as women love kids, and their emotional quotient is always on a high level?

Actually when I started, I had targeted the kids. I wanted to appease and attract the kids with my role. But as the story moved on, lot of girls and women started to love my character. But to me, I have always aimed to getting kids interest. But with time, I have also got a huge fan base with girls.

What is your message to your fans?

I love them, love them, love them a lot. They are simply amazing; they have been very kind to me. Especially when this was my debut show, with all the tension and fears attached to playing this role, my fans in IF have really been a support for me.

Well Sharad, we hope to see much more of your dark suits and your scintillating, low voice... as soon as these scenes occur more frequently in the serial, the hearts of many more girls will be stolen and all we will be able to say is, "haila!"

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Writer - Ankita K.
Contact PM Writer: ammmu

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ChinaRed 12 years ago First of all, I am a Chinese fan
Sharad Malhotra drama can provide all the video
And in accordance with the order to play, thank you!
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sharadfanforlif 13 years ago omg sharad is the best such a cutie keep it up!!! im one of ur fans forever and im looking forward too see you in bollywood some day godd luck
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siddharth_sri 13 years ago hey friends did u hear sharad is going to quit from DULHAN, I have heard him
saying himself in interview yesterday, it will be a great lose to the serial itself, i don’t know reason lies behind that, but after all he knows better about his life, his career n future, n hope what decision he has taken is well nourished by sincere thoughts....but i want to say that i will miss his presence n hope to see him soon in a new plot with new arrogance n attitude....sharad i want to say that as a fan n your well-wisher, i always admire you, love you n support you.....n for divyanka we hope at least we will see her for long.....

sharad n divyanka, one thing i wana say if u r referring to this blog......this is my
request to both of you...that plz plz plz....join this blog directly or plz create your own
personal blog, so that we can join you, n keep ourselves in touch of you both.....we all would like to share ideas n moments with you both.......plz consider it if ne time you read this msg.....n again sharad n divyanka you both rock, n i wish you both best of luck....
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ruchi123456 15 years ago come karun s friend in ekta kapoor serial kabhi to nazar milao
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mammuni 15 years ago this is really very nice article.plz ammmu give us sarads email id ,if u have .plzzzzzzzzz,plzzzzzzzzz.waiting for ur reply.byeeeeeeee
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afreen_786 15 years ago he is so sweet.
thanxs a lot for the article
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umi82990 15 years ago wow..great article.

i really like him and nice to know a little more about him!
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..-Kaju-.. 15 years ago aww, man he is soooo sweet! luv him lots!
wish him all the best for his career and future!
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jigglypuff726 15 years ago sharad is such a sweetheart! i wish him all the best for his career! :D
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*Reemz* 15 years ago Haii...kitna cute hai!!! Loved reading it.

Thank ju Ammu!! :D
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