#EXCLUSIVE: Director LASHES OUT on this 'Sasural Simar Ka' actress!

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People think acting is an easy job. 

Actors just show up to work, put on their make up, say a couple lines and go to bed. But in reality, it's not that easy. Along with the concentration of an actor, they have to help the director to shape the scene well.

The bond of an actor and director is the most sacred in our industry. Even with artists who are director's actors, there are some rare days when they need to be pushed a little more than usual.

In a similar instance, Colors' Sasural Simar Ka actress, Vaishali Thakkar who plays the character of Anjali in the show had a hard time shooting for a particular scene. 

The situation got so worse that the director lost his patience and lashed out on Vaishali. 

According to our source, "It happened that Vaishali was shooting for a scene and she had to give a clue to another actor. She could not perform it properly. The director got angry and scolded her in front of the whole unit."

We spoke to Vaishali who told us, "Yes Seemaji scolded me but nothing major happened. We are like family and such things happen on the set. Actually, I was not well. I was shooting for an over the shoulder shot and I could not do it well. Hence she got angry on me."

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I think it's about time SSK ended too. The current track and storyline aren't going too smoothly and trps are quite low as of now. Luckily the director was a women and I understand directors can be quite harsh sometimes. It happens

6 years ago

Luckily! the director was a woman. :D otherwise the article would have been different. :P

6 years ago

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