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Everything is not well on the sets of Tumhari Paakhi!

All is not well on the sets of Tumhari Paakhi with Iqbal Khan leaving the show and now a portion of the set falling prey due to heavy rains.

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Shashi Sumeet Mittal's Tumhari Paakhi airing on Life OK is doing quite well on the TRP charts and the audiences are loving the chemistry between Anshuman (Iqbal Khan) and Paakhi (Shraddha Arya). But looks like nothing is going too well amidst the show. 

To start off with, a major portion of the set of Tumhari Paakhi has fallen prey of the outburst of the dark clouds and the windy weather. The set of the show is located in filmcity (Mumbai). Prior to Tumhari Paakhi, it was the set of Life OK's Amrit Manthan. 

Mumbai was witnessing heavy rains since past two days along with heavy winds. Filmcity, where most of the television shows have their sets in, is a part of a jungle area. Owing to heavy rains and windy climate with a lot of mountain area, the set of Tumhari Paakhi underwent a great loss.

Secondly, Iqbal Khan who essays the role of Anshuman/Aryaman has said a final good bye to the show. Iqbal Khan had tweeted about this very recent development.

"Bye bye TP ...I'm not going to be there but I'm sure the new story line will be great.keep watching. well what can I say...I love you guys."

Looks like a bad phase is going on for the makers of the show.

Well, we just hope that the show does well as it has been doing till now. All the good luck from team TellyBuzz.

Upasana Patel

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rikisdada 6 years ago sooo sad :( for the first time I loved a tv couple so much.. I will miss their chemistry a lot :( somehow I always felt that the extension will ruin the show ...
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HopeAndBelieve 6 years ago It's sad to see my favorite show (Tumhari Paakhi) go through such a bad phase. I hope there is clear skies ahead. I will miss Iqbal, but like they say.. show must go on.

If I feel bad for anyone, it's Shraddha Arya. I hope she carries the show to greater heights. She has done a wonderful job playing Pakhi as a strong female lead, and I hope she continues to do so.2014-08-03 02:59:33
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nikki.171 6 years ago This was what I feared. The extension ruined everything I guess. It should have ended while the story had run its course and it was successful. Hadn't watched Tumhari Pakhi during the past month due to some stuff but i was apprehensive ever since having seen Anshu's death article. I hope the maker just end it instead of dragging the show and making it nonsense.
Iqbal Khan, Shraddha Arya and Divyam Dama, you guys rock.
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ringroses 6 years ago TeamTumhariPaakhi nahin darte aag paani all are The Best...jisse hum sochana bhi nahin chahte you all work act live in that toughest moment situation conditions for us... you all DESERVE lots of unconditional love Great Respect and abundant of blessings... mahadev jaldi sab achcha karenge
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bugsbunny12 6 years ago No Iqbal Khan No Tumhari Pakhi for me

i quit
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ravluvssarun 6 years ago To all the people "saying" iqbal has a habit of leaving his PAST shows don't know the full story so shouldn't comment. It's obviously not his fault, I don't know about his past shows but his present, tumhari pakhi was doing well until the brother was introduced. Iqbal is a genuine person who loves his fans alot! The story was going nowhere and he too obviously wasn't happy with the way his character was turning. He wants to make us feel happy with his role! Atleast he had the guts to tell fans he's leaving. A true fan will stay by him. Love you iqbal :) <3
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farheen_s 6 years ago They killed Anshuman they asked for their own probs, clearly they don't know how to handle success, just end the show u killed it already
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sweet_angel27 6 years ago Why did Iqbal leave? Haven't seen this show for the past month because of Ramadan and looks like I have no reason to anymore.
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perdida 6 years ago We ALL want Iqbal Khan back on the Show!...
Tumhari Pakhi and shraddha Arya Rockkk..
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Pizookie 6 years ago Why can't Indian Television stick to d pre-defined story line with finite no. of episodes without dragging or changing d original plot?
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