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Emotional Weekend in Reality Shows...

How was the musical treat this weekend? Were the eliminations fair, was the performances top class? What stood out like a sore thumb? Read the critical review this week and see if your views match or not.

Published: Tuesday,Jan 29, 2008 11:08 AM GMT-07:00
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The patriotic songs always manage to leave one choked with emotions. This week being the Republic day special, it was expected that the songs would make the viewers' tear glands go on an emotional overdrive. But it was not just good renditions that brought out the emotions – from judgmental error, to thought provoking sentiments, to dramatic overkills, to exasperated reactions – all of them contributed to make this week an out and out an EMOTIONAL one.

Emotional Weekend in Reality Shows...
SVOI this Friday saw the elimination of Jayant, yet another unfair elimination. Vyom is the contestant who should have been eliminated based on his acid test performance but because of high marks from one judge, the whole result got turned against Jayant and he paid the big price. Question that arises now is - how fair are the judges in their judgements? Sonia and her emotional family reunion on the stage was something that could have been avoided. But the most deplorable act done by the producers of the show was using improper National Flag on the show. A show that was dedicated to the Nation failed to respect its National Flag!! It was 26th January, and when the whole nation celebrated its Republic Day, the flags used in the show did not carry the Ashok Chakra!!! Such an act is really very sad, disappointing and totally unfortunate!

Emotional Weekend in Reality Shows...
SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs this week saw elimination of Vaishali. Looks like after the initial hiccups now the public is voting, keeping in mind the performances and giving fair results. The show now has got its top five after this elimination. Even SRGMP saw personal drama being dragged into the show. The Anamika part could easily have been kept aside from the show on Friday. It completely marred the ambience of the show which was going on so well before that. Saturday the Republic Day celebrations saw all the five contestants give some of the best performances with Anamika again stealing the show.

Emotional Weekend in Reality Shows...
K for Kishore is improving as far as singing is concerned but it still has a long way to go. Eliminations in this show are very confusing and do not follow a fixed rule. If one week there’s no elimination, then in another week, we see one while in some we see two eliminations, like this week which saw Vinod and Sameer bidding adieu to the show. It was fun watching Bappida and Sudesh Bhosle performing on the parody of the song “Ek Chatur Naar”. Friday Indian Idol Abhijit Sawant was the special guest on the sets and he made sure to steal everyone’s heart with his Kishore songs.

Emotional Weekend in Reality Shows...
It was again Mission Ustaad which came out to be the best show during this week. The theme was Mother Earth and how to take care of it. All the performances were awesome, but it was the Brahmastra round which saw all the four couples giving out some really awesome compositions. Judges had a hard time selecting the Brahmastra winner and Mohit-Vasundhara Das went off with the trophy this week. But this Jodi needs to work on song selection in the other round. Their song never matches the theme or the message that they pass over to the viewers.

This week the themes were gripping enough to keep the viewers hooked to the shows. Unfortunately the creative team of few shows felt otherwise and infused too much of unnecessary drama to hang on to publics’ emotion and attention. It’s time the show producers realize, that sometimes subtlety delivers a message much more effectively than any such infused reality dramatics.

Author: Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.
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Kiran--Madiha @kiran--madi 15 years ago i luved saregamapa cuz of da song sonu sang!
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Bhaskar @Bhaskar.T 15 years ago Pleaseeeee Jaya... Lets not talk about patriotism with respect to VOI.

A show which is celebrating Republic Day but shows disrespect to National Flag should not talk of Patriotism.

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sjshah @sjshah 15 years ago I think Jayant's elimination was justified. On that particular day even after Vyom choked up, he still sounded excellent. whereas Jayant performance wasn't upto par. I think it is only fair that Jayant got eliminated.

However i totally agree with the whole Anamika episode. That looked so staged. How come Anamika was the only one to announce this heart attack episode? Didn't the show producers and directors let the other kids know?
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pomegranate @pomegranate 15 years ago ok i don't understand the show K for kishor. kishore da is a bollywood legennd and how can someone even think about being like how him.nobody can replace him. they are just singers... and they are wasting money on this shows.... the contestants and whoevers idea this should be ashamed of themselves.

it indeed was very disrespectful
but What can I say Gajji is a total crack head if he doesn't know how to direct a show properly he should quit.
after all that's not a only mistake Gajji made
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Tiffany @TiaMaria93 15 years ago wow. no chakra present in the flag. that is disrespectful and i'm sure anyone who noticed would take offence. Nice review. i dont think the Anamika bit was expected tho. her outburst that is. they didnt expect it...then agian u never kno.
nice article.
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advil @advil 15 years ago @Bolly_Babe : Many a families have very complicated surnames.SO does this mean they stop using the surnames totally becoz the kids are unable to pronounce them or may promounce it wrongly ??? If Star cannot handle kids then they need not have such national themes, PERIOD !!!! A national Flag w/o the Chakra is totally disrespecting. Next what? just because kids find the map of India tough to draw, do away with a few States in it,and draw it w/o them???? Please !I hope someone sues them for it!

As far performance goes, dramatics or not, Anamaika surely was one of the best performers of the day on a very tough song that too while some others though they were good, they were not as good as they have been before.

But I too feel, if people want to watch a drama free show, then how come they dont watch Mission Ustaad whioch is really one of the best shows on TV now? How come that show gets discussed the minimum despite such great presentation? or are we not ready for it yet?

@ Author, wonderful article Didi. You really summed up the shows well and presented a very unbiased opinions.Kudos.
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Bhaskar @Bhaskar.T 15 years ago @Bolly_Babe : The flag that did not carry Ashok Chakra were not being carried by kids. Do watch the shots when Sukhvinder is performing. But whatever be the reson you don't use an incomplete National Flag. That amounts to showing disrespect. Show producers should have taken notice of this. But then what more do you expect from Gajji.

VOI this week was very much mediocre and with all the good contestants being eliminated things are going to take downward trend more. No wonder Anwesha too performed below par. Judges should keep this in mind that they are ending into bringing insecurity among the contestants with such unfair eliminations. If anyone performed really well among all the kids of both the show then it was Anamika that too on one of the most tough song.

I am surprised with comments on Drama being scripted in the shows and their criticisms. People are ready to download online video's to watch these dramatic shows but not ready to watch Mission Ustaad a show that is clean, giving out the best performances and also carrying a social message.

Or is it that they actually are loving these dramatics so unable to keep away from them ;)
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amukta @amukta 15 years ago I am wondering that Mission Ustad being an awesome show and having such good singere and a good cause we hardly see anyone participating or discussing in that forum.It is sad that inspite of so many music lovers and conscious people the show is not getting its due .
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bolly_babe @bolly_babe 15 years ago Idk if you realize or not but not using the chakra in the flag was purposely done so the national flag is not disrespected, you see the kids were using the flag and they were bound to be a little careless with it, but u are not supposed to let the flag touch the ground and there are other issues related to the flag also, so they did the right thing by not using the ashok chakra, i hope you get it now and make corrections in your review
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 15 years ago Some of the Saturday performances in VOI were brilliant - that definitely deserved a mention in this review... esp when the mediocre performances of Lil Champs gets a mention abt their performances!!

The drama element continued in both the shows and esp the Anamika drama looked way too scripted for seasoned talent show watchers to digest!

The next blow to both the shows will be addition of children again to the existing lot.. While VOI has already announced the entry of Challenger.. SRGMP is almost certain to have its second wild card yet again.. Sonu has already given a hint and this was stated in SRGMP Hungama just after the Rohit elimination.. For the first time, we may see wild card being held twice in a show.. This is stretching the limits like anything
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