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Electrifying twist in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki

Rajshri Productions and Sahara One’s Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki is ending the track of all four brothers in the show by causing their on-screen death!

Published: Monday,Nov 09, 2009 15:30 PM GMT-07:00
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Electrifying twist in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki
Rajshri Productions and Sahara One's Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki just completed 1000 episodes. Adding one more amazing fact to their track record, they are killing all four male protagonists of the show!

According to our source, "All the four male protagonists Dharam, Rishabh, Varun and Jai are going to be killed in the show. The story is scripted such a way that, the bus by which the four brothers travel skids to the edge of a valley. The brothers apply their presence of mind, courage and work very hard, against all odds to stop the bus from toppling over. They manage to rescue all other passengers but unfortunately before they can get out safely, the bus plummets down into the valley. They give up their lives for a noble cause, to safeguard others' lives."

The present track in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki is focused on Menka (Bhairavi Raichura) who is creating a ruckus over inheritance of property. But according to our source, there's not much time left until Menka's transformation from a vamp to a virtuous person. The source says, "In the coming episodes Dharam will be shown getting arrested over which all three brothers sell their properties to get Dharam out. This gesture of the brothers tucks at the strings of Menka's heart and she has a complete change over herself. It also makes her tell Rani that she is ready to confess her truth about being Janki's lookalike to the entire family to which Rani objects and says that she will continue to remain in the family as their Janki bhabhi."

The source further tells us, "After Menka's change of heart, there's a briefly happy period in the family. Sadly no one suspects that this is just the calm before the storm."

We spoke to actor Karan Grover aka Rishabh( Rani's husband) who has just shot his death sequence. Talking about his death scene Kay Jee (Karan has changed his name some time back) says "I die while trying to save 50 people in a bus tragedy. My end comes falling from a cliff.  In a bid to spice up the ending, they show Rani waiting for Rishabh to come back home with all the pomp but she ends up seeing not only my dead body but also of my three brothers".

What made the creatives bump your character off? "Well the story needed a twist and the last major one was Bhairavi Raichura's death. And to be honest anyone who has seen WRWMK knows that all of Rani's husbands have to die. I have had a year and a half's stint so I guess it's cool".

Kay Jee denies any possibility of a return to the show. He says, "I have a clear cut policy that if my character dies, I don't come back. Even when Arjun died in Saarrthi, STAR and Asit Modi(Producer) wanted me to come back…and they had a logical explanation too! That his body had not been found, but I said no, as I didn't want to play with the emotions of my viewers. It's like taking them for a ride." Kay Jee further adds that he should get Padmabhushan for dying on the small screen. He says, "I have died in all my shows, including Meri Awaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni."

We spoke to producer Kavita Barjatya who confirms this news. She says, "Yes, for the first time in Indian television something of this sort is happening and Rajshri is only happy to have taken the step. All four sons of the Rathod family will die. We had many other plots to work with but we wanted one which could capture emotions and set the story on a new path. The story will now revolve around the four widows, their trauma, how they deal with life and especially how society sees them. You will see how every woman takes the death of her husband. While one feels guilty the other is in a state of denial and so on. This new chapter will see the introduction of many new characters in the show."

The episode featuring the deaths of the four brothers will be aired on 23rd and 24th November.

Reporters: Srividya Rajesh, Anil Merani
Author: Susan Jose

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Sanjana Singh Chahal @KinSanj 14 years ago yet history repats itself.
I stopped watching this show way long back. as soon as saumya died this show was a no no for me. the creatie=ve can't come up with a new storyline at all..I think it is better to just end this show.
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Ruby Sk @rubysk 14 years ago i m big fan of karan grover(kayjee). i m watching wrwmk only for karan. i also appreciting his hard work. after karan opt out d show then i stopped to watch this show. he is an excellant actor that he proved many times. i like his character arjun goenka, raj malik, now rishbh rathod which is introvert look. he justified his rishabh character. karan i always pray for your sucess. plz come back soon in another show........................
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Prem-heer4eva @Prem-heer4eva 14 years ago i stopped watching this show...even though this new track seems like bakwaas i might just watch it if it if i hav time
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Sush @Ashu-n-Sush 14 years ago what a bakwas.... this show is running since ages... doenst anyone get tired of all these craps!!
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LeadOxide @LeadOxide 14 years ago this show has been on forever as far as i can remember, but anyways lets see
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☆ღ°Zaneb°ღ☆ @KMH_Arjuhi 14 years ago Ohhhhhhhhhh what a twist but theres 3 weeks ohh god..no no....Yay i really wanted Meneka to change..
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Lifez_Beautiful @Lifez_Beautiful 14 years ago Lol !! kj is soo funny !! I mean "And to be honest anyone who has seen WRWMK knows that all of Rani's husbands have to die. I have had a year and a half's stint so I guess it's cool".
gosh !! dat was soooooooo true !! :D :D :D..keep it up KJ ..so tkn death so sportingly !! u r soo kool !! :)

i had lft watchn it aftr d 1st raj/prince died.. dey were best raj-rani accrdng 2 me.. reena lukd fab thn along wth arjun.. well nw its nostalgia 4 me..!!
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princess_21 @princess_21 14 years ago this show is jus a usual piece of crap!!!
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Suresh @suresh555 14 years ago Kavita, you are ruining the Rajshri reputation of good family dramas. I stopped watching this show last year and am sure a lot of people have and will follow me
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priya @priyapiya 14 years ago couldnt the creative team come up with some other idea instead of killing pari's or rani's husband each time???
Looks like each time to bring a big twist this is all they gonna show in this show....
Kill the main leads,Leaps,bring the dead person back.....
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