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Eijaz Khan stalked by female fan

The past year has been a living hell for TV star Eijaz Khan. While dealing with impossible schedules and trying to balance a number of soaps, Eijaz also had to deal with a hysterical female fan.

Published: Sunday,Jun 03, 2007 08:24 AM GMT-06:00
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Mumbai, June 3 (IANS) The past year has been a living hell for TV star Eijaz Khan. While dealing with impossible schedules and trying to balance a number of soaps, Eijaz also had to deal with a hysterical female fan.

'I don't want to give her any importance or publicity by mentioning her name in print, or even talking about her at all. In fact, I'd rather let the matter rest and hope it dies a quiet death,' Eijaz told IANS.

On some persuasion Eijaz opens up on the sensitive issue of fans as stalkers. 'I'm no stranger to attention. 'Kavyanjali' has gone off air and so has 'Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka' . But strangely it's the earlier serial that people remember me by. Even now all the calls, messages, e-mails and fan mail are about 'Kavyanjali'.'

Eijaz has a cell phone number devoted only to fan calls. That's where his current problems started.

'This lady's attentions began nicely enough. But then she began to keep too close a tab on my movements. And I began to distance myself. That didn't go down well with her. Her persistence grew to a point where she knew my exact whereabouts. She even knows my home address...a detail that even my workplace, Balajee Telefilms, isn't aware of.'

Now the woman claims she's pregnant with Eijaz's child. 'I have never met her. She also claims I threw juice on her face at a party. I'd rather kill myself than misbehave in public, and that too with a lady.'

Eijaz says he has no clue how to solve this, the most recent crisis in his life. 'By now I've become a master of crises. I'm sure I'll find a solution.'

He can take comfort in the fact that almost all popular male TV stars, from Hiten Tejwani and Rohit Roy to Ronit Roy and Iqbal Khan, have such obsessive fans.

'Maybe,' Eijaz concedes. 'But I'm passing through a critical stage in my life. I'd rather not have such over-devoted fans.'

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cocuu 15 years ago hey don't worry if u r not wrong thn every thing will b right i will pray 4 u & main god will not give punishment to inocent dear .. i think so lady is sick
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rahmata 15 years ago thats so sick of that lady how can she do that soo disgusting, i think she is psycho. dont worry eijoo i believe u and love u soo much the way u are mwahhhhhhhh
i hope she gets out of ur life soon.
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Yuvika_15 15 years ago this lady is surely disgusting...why make such stupid claims of being pregnant with his child...some people are way to weird...i dont understand why some fans do minute they are like loving the actor and the next they are trying to give the same actor a bad name... how weird and stupid is that??
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happy9 15 years ago i will only say 1 thing PARTHETIC!
tats jst stupid a carzy fan
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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.Jiya. 15 years ago ahhhh dnt worry eijoo she wil get out ur life soon itz jus 4 da fame an if she dnt il boot er out (LOL) nah eijoo dnt worry bout er we luv u da way u r an n e 1 cam n said dat bout u den i wont belive dat,i dnt tink oderz would as i love u 2 much mwahhh babigurl_jiyaxxx
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rocker 15 years ago LMAO!!
em jus hatin dis crapping lady..
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Mages 15 years ago who's that women who created my eijoo like hell....she is so disgusting

mad women she is i will kill her for good if she tries again....

my poor eijoo...well darling i love you as kavya but i also love you as rocked both as kavya nanda and kunal sehgal
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*4rom heaven*
*4rom heaven* 15 years ago ohh poor ejaiz
may everything goes well 4 him dis yr
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sujal_kashish 15 years ago omg!
i feel so bad 4 ejaz!
wat kind of a fan is dis women!
dis is ova da limit!
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