Durga to get engaged with Shaurya in Star Plus' Ek Hasina Thi!

Star Plus’s Ek Hasina Thi will see Durga getting engaged to Shaurya to succeed in her motive.

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Star Plus' Ek Hasina Thi has kept the audiences gripped by the twists it is getting in each episode. The makers of the show have struck that perfect chord with the masses owing to which the show is doing extremely well on the TRP charts.

Till now we have seen quite a lot of drama in the show with Durga essayed by Sanjeeda Shaikh getting engaged with Neil essayed by Amir Ali. Shaurya, played by Vatsal Sheth, cuts his wrists and makes it evident in front of all the invites that he loves Durga and wants to marry her. Our source tells us what happens next.

"Shaurya who is unaware of Durga's plan will fall prey of her plan. Durga will remove her engagement ring in front of Shaurya in the hospital to make him believe that that she loves him. Shaurya will also pretend that he is head over heels in love with her. In the coming episode there will come a track that Shaurya will start believing Durga and her words unaware of her game plans. But Durga will not let him know about her game plans and will get even closer to take revenge from the Goenkas'."

We also hear that Durga will get engaged to Shaurya to execute her final game plan.

Well, this surely is an interesting track that you guys will get to see. Isn't it?

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Upasana Patel

Aamir Ali Malik Sanjeeda Shaikh Vatsal Sheth Ek Hasina Thi  Star Plus 

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iamsenadam 6 years ago Great going Sanjeeda Shaikh Malik
Things are getting exciting! :)
Love you Sanjeeda Shaikh
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Sandy-Naz 6 years ago i hope durga is not going to marry shourya..
shourya is fun to watch,bt it does not mean people start wanting him for durga ,he is a rapist,and this fact cannot be forget..
also he has lust for durga..
i think the engagement will be broken later..
i love the show,all actors are brilliant.sanjeeda,vatsal,the guy playing dev,and durga,s father and ofcourse shourya,s mother.
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kiminonawa 6 years ago I really donno whats Durga upto ! Engagement with Shouya ? doesn't make sense he was the man who did so much to her sis Payal ,and if she wants to take a revenge also the engagement isn't a good idea
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vivianlovedd 6 years ago i am damn happy that shaurya and durga r getting engaged...love u so much shaurya and duryga ...VATSAL u r doing fab job as shaurya...love couple of shaurya and durga
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YellowBoots 6 years ago Will be fun to see Sakshi Goenka handle this. Haha.
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deejagi 6 years ago Durga loves Dev and in the end she will end up with Dev only. Hope she succeeds in her plan to reveal the truth of Goenka's to the world and how they were responsible for Payal's current condition and her father's death and also should make accept their hand in Nithya's tragedy.
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N_Niya 6 years ago Happy Birthday to Vatsal Sheth...Many many happy returns of the day...wishing u all through success of ur life..
U r amazing as Shaurya Goenka...must say no one can beat u in that! hats off! (Y)
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fireroad99 6 years ago i just love the new track and i am 100% that duurga will never fall for shaurya becz love is blind not dumb
and guys chill out there wont be a saas bahu or love and hate story just have patience
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.logs 6 years ago it will be best that durga married dev for revenge...
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ABCDE2 6 years ago Oh, god! I hate rapist Shaurya! I don't want durga get a engaged rapist monster boy! Monster shaurya raped Payal and ruin her life! Durga is stupid plan!
I want Dev and Durga get a engage!!!!
DevGa rocks!
I hope Durga and Dev'll get married for take revenge from shaurya!
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