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Dulhann Team going the 'Singapore' Way!!

Catch the Excitement and Fun as the stars of Dulhann talk about their Singapore Experience!!

Published: Thursday,Jun 21, 2007 18:45 PM GMT-06:00
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A city with exotic ethnic enclaves, efficient business centres, serene gardens to sleek skyscrapers - If there is one word that best captures Singapore, it is "Unique".... As the sun sets, a different world comes to life… the night safari where you can see the animals serenely across the still of the night. The underwater world or the Bird Park, Singapore showcases dream heaven.

India found its first Superhero Krrissh in Singapore.. This Exposure for Singapore opened all gates, both in India and across the Indian diaspora globally.. Now cashing in on this popularity is our own Tellyworld, the Team of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann were not far behind from discovering the Aura of Singapore...as they landed in this City of Skyscrapers for a week long Hectic Schedule..

Dulhann Team going the Singapore Way!!
Let us now catch up with the Stars of Dulhann, Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi who made it to this Fascinating City, to know more about their stay in Singapore...

“A very nice place, spic and span, clean city, surrounded by beautiful locales is Singapore”, was the spontaneous reply Sharad Malhotra gave when asked about the city. Talking about the schedule, this is what the heart throb had to say, “We reached Singapore on the 8th, a very hectic schedule was awaiting us. We worked non-stop everyday from morning 9 to night 9. But we made sure that we got atleast a couple of hours daily to have fun. We chilled out and had a gala time. It was great fun with the co actors and the production team, as we enjoyed like crazy.”

Shootings and hectic work is the order of the day for these stars, but what do they do when let loose? Can we get to know from Sharad? “I visited all the Malls in Singapore. I also visited the Sentosa which is a major tourist spot, it is a popular island. I also went to the biggest mall, Vivocity which spans to 3 kms. I went to the very popular market, Mustafa Market where you get literally everything. There was a sale on there, so we all shopped till we dropped”. The word ‘Shopping’ does make us raise an eyebrow, isn’t it? Any guesses, asto what the Chocolate Boy Sharad shopped in the Malls of Singapore? An overexcited Sharad exclaimed, “ Asusual, I bought lots of Chocolates.(laughs) I also bought a DVD, IPod and many other things.."

Talking about the localites, Sharad said, “The localites were really crazy, they never believed that we were there to shoot a serial.. They thought that we were there to shoot a film… I pulled their leg by saying that “Yes, wait and watch, Jackie Chan will come and shoot”… It took us time to explain to them that we were shooting for a very popular Indian serial that is aired on Zee.. We had to explain to them that the serial is very popular and the story is about a bride and her mentally challenged husband… We got a great welcome at the airport and everywhere we went to..”

Dulhann Team going the Singapore Way!!
When quizzed about the track in Singapore and whether the viewers will atlast see Saagar’s recovery, Sharad brushed it off and said, “I was expecting this to come from you… Please Tune into watch Banoo Main Teri Dulhann Monday to Friday at 8 PM”.. Is this Diplomacy at its best? But Sharad was quick to add on that, “Talking about few scenes, we shot a scene where I had to be in a motor boat. The boat is speeding up and it was a very risky scene.. At one
point of time, I was to fall into the ocean, but asusual I prefered to do the dare stunt and did not opt for body double.. It was a very exciting scene where I was on one motor boat which was speeding and the crew was on another following mine…Another interesting scene was one where I run on the streets of Singapore, crying.. That was also shot very nicely…”. When asked whether this motor boat scene is where Saagar’s recovery happens, Sharad laughed it out, exclaimed “Hello, what are you talking? What language are you talking in? I cant hear you”. With this, one thing is assured, Sharad is indeed a Fabulous Actor, isn’t it? But yes, to sum it up, Sharad had this to convey to his viewers, "Singapore episodes are going to be really fun to watch. There is a big twist in store, so keep watching”.

We got to know the Escapades of Saagar in Singapore, so why leave the darling of all hearts, Vidya , our own Divyanka far behind?

This is what she had to say about Singapore, “I am in love with Singapore now. This was my first visit to this place and I had real fun. This was the first time in my life,that I got work satisfaction, relaxation and audience appreciation all in a span on one week. It was so overwhelming to see people shower so much love. I spent most of my time signing autographs… We visited all the malls in Singapore, shopped a lot. We used to have fun, running to malls and other places in between shots. The best part is that, after getting back from Singapore, we got an entire day-off. One thing I would want to tell my fans is that, I bought my first ever car this week. It’s a Dynasty Red, Hyundai… "

Well, this is it folks from the City of Skyscrapers, Singapore… Get ready now, to catch a glimpse of the beautiful locales of Singapore in your favourite serial Banoo Main Teri Dulhann. Watch out for more drama and get to know whether the adorable Saagar does recover in Singapore or not….

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Srividya Rajesh

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Pooja @Priyanka09 16 years ago good article. I really want to know if Sagar recovers
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago wow, i would like to go singapore, when i go to india i'll go to singapore and dubai first and then i'll take a ship to india from singapore. hahahahah.
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Krishna @snowflake0555 16 years ago thnx for the article
it seems lyke Singapore is an amazing fun place!
they all sounded lyke they had fun =)
wow i cant wait to watch these episodes
&& i hope Sagar recovers too!
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Mallika @marvelous.malks 16 years ago i hope he recovers this time i havent watched the show in a while now
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amal 7leh
amal @amal 7leh 16 years ago wow singapore...its gr8 2 see dem der...
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Arooj_007 @Arooj_007 16 years ago looks like they are having fun ;)
lol they look so cute in the second picture.

Thanx for the article
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Rabiah Samiullah @Rabiah 16 years ago wow! gr8 artivle
sharad and Divyanka look like they are having fun in the 2nd pic
yeah!! congorats Divyanka/vidya
she got her car
nice article
cant wait till sagar becomes well
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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Manshaa @Manshaa3 16 years ago Thanx for the Article.

Finally, Divyanka bought a car.

Waiting for Sagar's recovery. Hope it happens in Singapore.
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Devika @Dee_Jay 16 years ago Wooooowww, that sounds real fun! Seems that the BMTD crew had a blast in Singapore, I'm really really happy for them, they deserve it coz the sroty is getting very interesting now.
I'm really glad Divyanka got her car, gr8!! Congratz Divya.
Hhhm abt Sagar's recovery, can't wait till it happens. Yaaaay wonder what'll happen trow.

Thank you soo soo much for the wonderful article!!
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