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Dulhan Ka Lallan

Taking a closer look at Pankaj Bhatiya - Lallan, from Bano Mein Teri Dulhan.


As we were strolling through the sets of Banoo Main teri Dulhan, we spotted a person dressed in a loud bright shirt and found his mannerism quite famiar.. We caught the person unawares as he was happily munching away his pan. Now, does this unique dressing style and pan eating habit ring a bell in your ears asto who this person could be? Yes, this was none other than the bubbly, and utterly hilarious Lallan Prasad aka Pankaj Bhatiya. We immediately decided to take a closer look at this hunky punjabi munda.'

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Tell us about your character in Dulhaan?
I’m playing a positive Bihari character in Banu main teri Dulhan - Lalaan Prasad, who is brought here to get a share in the property. It is different character for me, I am a Punjabi, and here I have to be a Bihari who constantly chews pan, and the words and phrases he uses are much different… I adore my character there is nothing that I would like to change about it.

How is it working with the cast and crew of Dulhan?
Its really nice, they are all very supportive. The directors, the actors, have helped me a lot, and the best part of the production house is that they don’t waste time at all. They adjust everything so well for me.

What’s next in line?
The story changes every episode. At time you are the hero of the show, and sometimes you are a side character, that is what a television show is about. Regardless of that, I’m simply enjoying Lalaan.

So friends, that was our very own Lalaan Prasad reporting. Stay tuned on TellyBuzz for lots of happening news of your favorite characters.

Reporter: Hiral Bhat

Contact Author: anju0930



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sammmm2010 9 years ago please could you send me more pictures of pankaj bhatia(lallan)plzzzzz
i love u rajeev
i love u rajeev 13 years ago he is very very handsome. thanks for the article and i have never thought that lallan could be this much handsome. he is looking so cute in this pic
Shilpa_rocks 13 years ago He is so handsome..........
thanx for the article
jigglypuff726 13 years ago cool article! he looks really good in the pic! lallan is hilarious in BMTD! :)
illuminated. 13 years ago his acting in BMTD is very funny....great article Hiral and Anju
soni595 13 years ago Thanks for th lovely article! I like that picture of his.

Keep smiling...
Yuvika_15 13 years ago wow..i never knew abt the newcomer..maybe he'll end up being Vidya's brother...what say people?? lol...
diyafah 13 years ago hez too the serial!!
anju and hiral..nice wrk =D
umi82990 13 years ago wow..great article..

his picture here looks soo much better than in the show!!

and great acting by him!!
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